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Manipulating Insulin Response to Foods

As mentioned in JB’s previous articles, the insulin response can be blunted by eating a high fiber suppliment with or before consuming a high GI food. My question to anyone here who knows his stuff, if I take a fiber suppliment with some bread or other flour product with a high GI can this create blunted insulin reponse like that of oats, or beans ?

Or with the addition of some protein with the high GI carb product along with fiber be the best option and would this give a similar insulin response to oats or beans ?

Protein actually increases the insulin release, but then has a mediating effect on the resulting blood sugar. The study putting forward the “insulin index” concluded that glycemic index only accounted for 23% of the variability of insulin response and macronutrient content only 10%. So fiber and vinegar (or lemon juice), which can be used to lower the glycemic index don’t necessarily have an effect on total insulin produced. It’s a complex issue. There are studies that show that replacing mid-GI carbs with sucrose up to 20% of the meal doesn’t change the total insulin release. I would stay away from white bread and other refined carbs. I do have a HUNCH that consuming a low-GI carb with a mid-GI carb might lead to EARLIER insulin release and more positive effects on health and body composition. It’s just a hunch that I’m investigating. I’ll keep the forum posted.