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Manipulating Bodyweight Homeostasis


So I got this whole idea when I was walking around walmart, I was looking at weighted vests thinking about what if you used them for swimming blah, blah, blah.
I saw there was a 20 pound vest, and 10 pound bracelets, so that would put me at roughly 220 pounds vest, wrists, and ankles .

It seems a little silly the more I think of it.

To my main idea, what if I was to wear those for about a month, only taking them off for showering. The fear of a body weight dip is there because of the homeostasis itself, but my body still needs that muscle for my regular training and especially with the new extra weight. Also with proper eating it shouldn't drop, but perhaps a little.

So my body would get used to this extra weight, and slowly adjust it's homeostasis. Then after a month or more I would just take off all the weight.
What do you think would happen, an increase in muscle, fat, or no weight change?


I think it's a pretty interesting idea, and would be interested in seeing someone track something like this. It is silly, but fun sounding.

My first thought is that it's going to be rough on your joints and tendons. I doubt it will help with bodybuilding particularly, but might help your overall conditioning?


Actually, the gravity on my home world, Krypton, was much stronger than that on your planet, hence my freakish strength,.....

.. so yeah, I guess it IS possible, basically the same rationale as why formerly fat people usually have better strength when they start lifting than naturally skinny people.



Just like Goku in DBZ.....


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I want to, but that stuff is pretty expensive. If I get the chance I'll be sure to keep you guys up to date.


Just train in the hypebolic time chamber. You'll get a years results in one day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Try it out OP, sounds interesting. I thought about it when I was young but never put it into practice because it seemed too impracticable

I actually built my own hyperbolic time chamber which is how I became a super saiyan, youngest ever in fact. Too bad I've already been in there twice so I can't go back


Could you help me convert my hypobaric oxygen chamber into a hyperbolic time chamber?

Cereally though, this is one of those things that gets talked about a lot but never happens. (Think lunk alarm vid) Apparently some strong dude named Steve Justa did it for a month. And said that he got stronger, couldn't find anything more specific.

Some other dude put on a vest when he walked to and from work. Got sore traps at first, but after a while walking with the vest was like walking without one.

Some other dude put on a vest when working in his shop every night. Burned some extra calories, but developed some form of tendon injury, which he wasn't sure was because of the vest.

But what would really be interesting is to ask the guys in the war room what effect walking around in gear all day had on them. Or to try it yourself. Or ask your mother how light she felt a month after giving birth to you. (Although pregnant women get all kinds of adaptive processes to cope with the extra load that you won't get)

I'd expect it to be pretty good for calf hypertrophy though.