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Manhood Stones Near Glasgow


I've wanted to try a few of the manhood stones in Scotland but unfortunately I've had nether the time or money for a trip round the highlands at the min :frowning:

Long story short me and the family have booked up for Glasgow for 4 days in July, me and my cousin are equally as keen to try our first stone lift and are planning on making an excursion on one of the days.
Does anyone know of any stones in the area? He drives so we'll be able to travel a fair bit but it is a family birthday so we can't exactly disappear for too long.
Any tips or advice on stone lifting would also be great, I've access to a quarry to train but the stones don't get that heavy.


Check out the Ironmind book Of Stones and Strength by Steve Jeck and Peter Martin they went through most of the testing stones in Scotland, and a few other places.


Sounds good mate, cheers.
Will jump on amazon now.