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Manhattan shopping

I’ll be coming to Manhattan next week for the UN conference and want to pick up some biotest supps while I’m in the country. Is there a good place on the east side with reasonable prices? Also, has anyone ordered over the phone right from Biotest and had a delivery made to a hotel? Does it work out with the delivery address being different than the shipping address? The cheapest thing may just be to go for the buy two, get one free deal, but I don’t know yet if I really want to spend all the extra cash on just one supplement. Not going to have much time to actually shop around, so any help to save me time would be great, everyone.
Thanks in advance…

Well if u’re near the UN, u might wanna go across to the west side, on 54th and 8th is Westerly’s Pharmacy. They have most of the biotest line and at pretty good prices.


Yeah, either take the bus across town to Westerly’s or you can go up to 86th, between 2nd and 3rd, to the vitamin shoppe. they have most of the stuff there too.

Bump. Any ideas with ordering from a hotel? T-mag staff? Does that work with you guys if someone’s shipping address is different from the mailing address?

There’s no problem with having different billing and shipping addresses. I’ve done it without a problem.

I’ve also ordered from Biotest on-line shipping to a hotel address – no problem. Plus from many other companies as well. The different hotels I have stayed at always figure out that I am a guest there, and have no problem getting the shipment to me.