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Anyone heard of this stuff? It’s supposed to be an uber-antioxidant rich fruit from the orient. I googled it and just got mostly product hype. What do you think?

Last thing I heard about Mangosteen is its illegal to import into certain countries, notably the States as the fruit has been known to harbour the Asian Fruit fly which would pretty much cause a right mess of crops and agriculture.

When you do see it, is as juice and as a processed form as a food supplement.

Its widely claimed to have all kinds of great properties, probably more ginseng type than tomato/carrot/brocolli type though.

There are a couple of these kinds of drinks that all come from remote regions of the world where everyone there lives to be 125@!!~@!!! at 40 bucks a bottle I’ll take my chances in thunderdome.

Yea, well OK, I figured as much.

A workmate asked me about it. He’s a ‘normal’ person and hence likes the hype of exotic elixers.

He refuses to incorporate tried-and-true nutirtional enhancers like fish oil’s and blueberries. Plus he goes to some new-age chiropractor who slangs all that holistic crap to his patients.

holy mother of god. It is by far the most decadent fruit I’ve ever eaten. I don’t care if it has no health benefits, in fact, it could give me cancer and I’d still eat it. I’ve actually seen an article in the New York Times about how great this gruit is. My parents are immigrants from Sri Lanka, so I’ve had it when I’ve gone to see family back there. I’ve only heard of its existence in that part of the world, and maybe some Pacific islands. I’m pretty sure the next heroin could be processed from this stuff. It is in fact a mouthgasm (not to be confused with a normal orgasm into a mouth).

The other drinks I’ve had that claim to have the same effects tasted pretty damn good too, I havent yet had Mangosteen though.