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Mangosteen Juice

My Mom has started taking this stuff becasue she thinks it might help her allergies. The producers claim a whole bunch of benefits but iam skeptical. Has anyone tried this stuff and did you feel anything?

Here is some information-


Just more pyramid scheme fodder. I sure didn’t notice anything, and neither does anyone else I know of who has tried it. But some people may have had good results. I’m thinking placebo.

I wrote a term paper on the potential benefits of mangosteen about a year ago. It is a good fruit, full of antioxidants and phytochemicals but I don’t think it is as great as the marketers make it out to be. Plus it’s dang expensive. I’d stick to eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

I had a thread on it a while back. Search for it. I don’t think it’s worth its cost.

It doesn’t seem to do anything particularly special, even if it does do anything particularly well. Cheaper foods will suffice.

Ex. there are plenty antioxidants and mild cytotoxins in a simple apple (if you eat the seeds). No insulin spike as with juice, either.

Now how many simpletons who drink XanGo will get cancer anyways, because they continue in all the rest of their bad habits?

Mangosteen is a great fruit. No its not some special power food, but its a good solid fruit.

Problem is, I believe its illegal or something to sell it in the uSA.