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Mango Sorbet

Okay, this is not really sorbet – but it sure tastes like ice cream to me. The mangos are coming in to my local supermarket.

To select a ripe mango, give it a gentle squeeze – it should be soft to the touch like a peach. If it is hard – it is not ripe yet. Ripe ones may be green in color, and/or green with splashes of red. I have not found a correlation between color and ripeness – so you got to squeeze.

2 mangos
1 scoop of vanilla Metabolic Drive
1 cup of ice water (fill cup with ice, then top with cold water)

Cut the meaty “sides” off of the mango. Mango’s have a hockey-puck shapped “pit” in the middle so you can cut the fruit off of the pit in a certain orientation, but not the other (sort of like filleting a fish). Then cut the peal off of your two pieces of fruit. Some people like to peal first – but the fruit is amazingly juice, slippery and sweet.

Run it all through a blender. It will be hard to go back to your regular fruit after you try one of these. Great for breakfast and with oatmeal. Just throw 1/2-cup of cooked oatmeal into the blender with it.

I was born in West Palm Beach and lived the first 12 years of my life there. My backyard had many fruit trees in it. Two mango, two orange, one grapefruit, one lime, one lemon, one tangerine and two coconut.

I love mangoes. I have never tried what you recommended but I will the next time I see some that look decent at the store. Thanks!