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Mandatory H1n1 Vaccines


I was reading an article about Massachusetts new legislation which essentially allows the government to impose mandatory vaccinations on the public. Refusal is punishable by heavy fining and jail time. What the hell happened to liberty? As far as I'm concerned they can kill me before they drag me to jail for standing firm in my freedom.


Yeah man, stick it to the government by not getting immunised against a pandemic.


Here is the link for the actual senate bill;



So it's not just specific to the swine flu.


Figures that an English dude would criticize my right to resist the government....


This is socialized medicine. You cant have socialized medicine and pick and choose treatment. Its an all or nothing deal. If "The People" are going to pay for health care, then "The People" have the right to demand you take every precaution to stay healthy.


I disagree with socialized medicine.


I've got swine flu, it sucks.

Get the shot, moron.


So do I


Just get the shot.

My 12 year old bro had swine flu in early june and was fine however, the doctor gave my mother Tamiflu, and didn't give me (18) anything. He said I should be healthy enough, and I was. I didn't catch it despite drinking out of the same glasses as my brother for the first couple days by accident.

I thank working out and weightlifting for my good immune system.


Have any of you actually read about the vaccination? It was created incredibly hastily to be ready for the fall and is largely under-tested. I'm also not above believing the flu has been hyped as a marketing scheme. With all the money that went into developing these vaccinations at an accelerated rate you sure as hell better believe they WILL sell them.


Some area hospitals (WV) have taken it a step further and are requiring the normal flu shot be taken by all employees. Always before this has been an option, but now they are saying they will fire all employees who don't take it. Yes, it is just a normal flu shot, but there are situations where the flu shot will do more harm. Example: Compromised pregnancy. Some complications will cause an abortion with the normal flu shot.

The H1N1 shot has some serious side effects. Not like 1% of the time, but upwards of 25% with just the limited testing they have done. Now, with more and more test subjects that could go down, but I find it hard to believe that it was a random test. I would tend to believe that the subjects tested were instead picked for low risk factors of complications. Now, I won't go as far as to say that H1N1 has been used as a marketing scheme or anything like that, but I will say that I believe that the vaccination has been rushed and therefor has issues with it that could have been avoided.


It's the fucking flu. It's not like the Black Death. Every damn year people die from the flu. Usually only if their immune systems are compromised to begin with, before they get the flu. And BrownTrout is right, the H1N1 vaccine was subject to only very limited testing, much much less than typical for a vaccination candidate. I don't trust that. The testing is supposed to be there for a reason.


This is disaster management. If you do not get vaccinated for a MAJOR pandemic (something nastier than swine flu), you put many other people besides yourself at risk. Too bad for you. Suck it up and get the shot.


I work for sanofi pasteur in qc as an analytical scientist, it is getting the same testing the vaccine does every year. there is one process used it is used every year since about 2000 and the only change from before that is splitting the virion.

I am not saying this because I need to sway people just hate when they are ill informed. Every year we change the strains and run small clinical trials because it is only a strain change not a process change.

as far as the immunity from previous years they are assuming some immunity in those a little older because of the swin flu in the 70's but that was only a recombination of swine with human h1n1, this also includes some of the rna from avian. My sister is a director for a franchise of assisted living facilities in florida and said they have had an average of 25 infections in each facility in the past week. so much for them having some imunity.

take it or leave I would not steer you guys wrong. My daughters are 2 and 4 and will be getting the version without the adjuvant next week, my wife and I already signed up for a clinical trial and received the shot. No sever reactions. second shot 2.5 weeks.


I'll keep it in mind.


How about YOU get the flu shot then laugh at me if I go down. I'm not threat to you if you get the shot.



x2, I also like how the guy from MA took the same stance. Aren't we all just a bunch of walking stereotypes?



Well that's what I get for taking the Media at face value on the reported "abbreviated testing" of the vaccine. I should know better. Thanks.


I know I won't be getting mine, this is so hyped up by the media and in North America it has only killed 600 people out of over 60,000 people that have had it.



Swine Flu Vaccination Poses Serious Threat to Your Health


I believe that its getting such severe attention because the Spanish bird flu(h1n1 strain) pandemic of 1918 behaved in a similar fashion. It appeared mild in the spring but returned in the fall and killed 1/15 of the worlds population. The bad part of the flu was that it killed people with stronger immune systems, leaving the young and elderly less affected. I don't understand why it would be made mandatory to receive the vaccine though. If everybody els is vaccinated and the vaccine actually works who gives a shit if I would want to risk it?