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Mandatory Blood Work in Three Months


Ok, here is my situation. I'm a TRT guy and I was cheating on my dose and jumped it up from 100mg to 200mg per week for about three months then bumped it back down to 100mg per week for one month and and went to my doc for bloodwork so I could start my cycle. My script from my doc was at renewal so I knew he would order blood work for me anyway so I just asked him for labs early so I could start my planned cycle.

So I frontload 1000mg of test cyp and i'm on my third week of cyp at 500mg a week and 600mg of mast. My doc calls today about my labs I did before I started this cycle says my total test came back at 868 and free test 201 and says those are high normal and wants to cut my dose back from 100 mg a week! I told him I feel great at the high end of normal and want to stay at 100 mg a week.

He says I have to have blood work again in three months and if it comes back any higher, he WILL cut my dose back. How many more weeks can I continue my cycle before I need to stop everything completely to bring those pre cycle levels down a little to please him? I was thinking keep hitting for 8 more weeks and then going cold turkey the last month. Will this do it? Will one month cold turkey bring me down to below 868 total and 201 free? Hopefully I haven't confused everyone with my explanation. Thanks for any advice