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Manchester United: Van Gaal Out, The Chosen One In

What do you make of it? United handled it awfully, I feel sorry for him to be honest. Part of me does not see Mourinho fitting in very well at old trafford , still he is one of the greatest managers in the world, he seems set on remaining in the UK and where else is there for him to go? Arsenal? Spurs?

Excited to see what he does anyway.

It will be interesting to see how this power struggle between Sir Alex , Sir Charlton and several other directors vs. the ownership and Sr. Board plays out.

I really don’t think that SAF was ever sold on Mourinho fitting in.

I think that is why United went with Van Gaal, aparently Mourinho was crying when he found out they gave it to him over himself.
I find it interesting that neville and Schmeichal and a bunch of other old united legends are saying Mourinho is going to save the club.

Good for Van Gaal…going out with the FA cup is no disgrace. United needs to allow their youth to step up, they have wasted good money on shitty players for too long. Hell, they won games this year that they had ZERO business winning with that roster they trotted out.

Should be interesting.

I think part of the “special one” talk is all a bit of an act. Sir Alex and co. will probably tell him to tone it down a little. He is not known for promoting younger players and I think at man-U there are a few younger players with exciting potential, so it will be interesting to see how that turns out