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Manchester Terror Attack

Shit it dies not even get its own thread. 19 dead 59 casualties, of what we know so far.
The thing that I do not have to tell you is that this was an Islamic terror attack.
Here we go again. Do we care anymore or is this just part of our current lexicon. Is this enough to end it, or do we wait for the next one and the one after.

My big prediction is that Arianna Grand will end up a Trump supporter. I feel bad for her. She’s just a kid, she should be worrying about bongs, coke and cheap sex, not multiple murders at her concert in an all too familiar way.
What are we going to do? 5 days from now, emotions will die down and we’ll hear the same bullshit we always hear.
“Yes, it terrible but…”

As for me I like the word MOAB, used frequently and often.

Loss of words honestly. Although there have been more damaging acts during the time period, I would consider this the most despicable and ugly mass murder since Sandy Hook.


Massive nail bomb at a concert for 12 yo girls???
At least in terms of western attacks, seems like a new low. Just maybe will be some kind of tipping point, probably not tho.


wheres Bieber when you need him
( too soon? :hushed:)


The response to this is already following the same predictable pattern as every other time. The useless fucking police show up after it’s all over, they’re dressed all in black then pose for pictures with their assault rifles and balaclava’s.

Anyone want to bet that when the identity of the bomber comes out they will admit we had him under surveillance? The police are not fit for purpose, because the political leadership in charge of the country, are not fit for purpose.

We will be bombarded with standard list of lies. This is a religion of peace, etc…

Fox News as is their standard practice has already brought on Zudhi Jasser to tell his lies and Taqqiya that Islam can be salvaged, which is bullshit, but people will believe him because they haven’t read the Haddith which is the second holy book of Islam.

Mohamad was exceedingly sadistic and violent with young girls just like the ones who were targeted tonight by his followers. Mohamad was a slave trader of little girls who sold them to perverts. There is no fixing or reforming this evil mans history, muslims need to either reject him without reservation and leave his religion or theyaccept his evil acts as divine as all muslims do. There can be no middle ground.

The only way we in the civilized west can effectively guarantee our safety from muslim terrorism is to eliminate them completely from our societies. But the will just isn’t there to defend western civilization so these attacks are going to continue and we are going to progressively lose more and more of our freedoms because of the muslims and their bullshit.

The western male has lost the will to survive. We didn’t respond when our women were being attacked by muslims, now they’ve moved on to murdering our little girls and there will still be no meaningful response.


Why Trump? The attack was most likely committed by a radical sunni muslim. The spread of radical Islam is funded and organized by Saudi Arabia, the sunni superpower the current POTUS will give over 100 billion worth of sophisticated weaponry.

Shiites don’t blow themselves up in lone wolf attacks.


Also, she is openly and ardently anti-Trump (no surprise there). It’s not like he’s the figurehead of the Western movement against terrorism. From her view, he’s just profited off of it. She will likely be one of the usual “choose love, not hate” responders to acts like this.

Hate when people use the phrase Islamophobia. At this point it is pretty rational to have a fear after what some have done. I’m not one of the mouthbreathers who blames all Muslims for singular attacks but something has to be done before more attacks. [quote=“lil.greggy, post:2, topic:229963”]
I would consider this the most despicable and ugly mass murder since Sandy Hook.

I echo this statement. Never understood the targeting of children for sure.


The push for the acceptance of islam in western society is only for the rich, the ones for who the economy works, to profit off the abundance of labor from mass immigration.

As a more advanced society it’s normal to have less kids. We need to close the borders and accept that our population will decline slightly and deal with it. Let the retards isolated in their country.

Now humanity as whole is going backward with massive immigration from retarded places, where personal realization and life doesn’t matter.

All because of the greediness of a few and because of the built in fear of depopulation of the commoners.

The world needs to become less crowded and that’s it. Nothing will ever become better if it doesn’t.

Except Hezbollah killing Jews in Israel, you mean.


As I said earlier expect the UK, France and Germany fall in our lifetime

Elaborate on what you mean by “fall.”


The only way to slow attacks like this is boots on the ground in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria killing ISIS and other radical groups on their home turf.

Who supports that?

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Why? You’ll just agree with me in one breath then cave to maintain your e-popularity

Lmao. False. The trolling begins.

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Hezbollah is a terrorist organization that commits terror attacks against Israel, and this they do under supervision, and with support and guidance from the Iranian regime, notably the IRG.

But a Shiite will not watch a bunch of videos online and decide to blow himself up on his own because a bunch of virgins await him.

That’s an important distinction.

And how will this stop the Sunni Muslim terrorists who are UK, French and Belgian citizens from blowing themselves up in their home countries?

I deliberately used the word “slow” and not “stop” for a reason.