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managing volume while dieting

my attempts at weight loss and maintaing/and gaining strength while doing so, all the while working around multiple injuries, is well documented by my many posts on this forum.

jst want to share some experiences with some of the newbies. thunder and magnus advised me to lower my volume and strength train while dieting. that is sound advice everybody. i was not doing this earlier, thus my injuries. and now that i am greatly reducing volume, my back feels better and i seem to be recovering from a few of the injuries.(need to be really careful with the box-squats though)

tdays workout for example. started with snatch grip high-pulls from the floor, w5 sets of 3, worked up to 287lbs, these felt GOOD. no back pain, bvery explosive, was really snaping the bar, was hiting the lower-part of my neck. then went to ham calf glute raises, these i normally can bust out 3 -4 sets 10-12, got 3 sets, 6/4/3. was toast. did some heavy chins, and i was cooked. though this seemed like a low volume workout by my normal standards, it was still probabley too much, as evidence by my substandard performance in the ham/calf/glute machine.

word to the wise kiddies, while dieting, manage that volume!!!
not so heavythrower

ps when i hit 200, ill post a pic in the race to 200 thread!

Glad to hear the lower volume is working for you HT, it’s great that you posted this for others to read. I’m looking forward to seeing those pics at 200.

Yeah, what Magnus said.

BTW, have I told you your high pull strength is just silly? Oh yeah, like 10 times now.

Nice stuff heavy.

Agree with thunder, that high pull amount is sick. Crap I do 100lbs less than that.

heavythrower: If I remember correctly, you’re almost 40 yrs old, you’re not taking anabolics, and you work F’ed-up hours. Big fella, logic dictates you’re gonna have to dial it down somewhere - or pay the price. The caloric deficit doesn’t help any either. Having just passed forty, I’ve become rudely awakened to the fact that injuries will creep in, and set
in, if I do not adjust for age and declining
androgen levels. Hey, I can train heavy + hard,
but not as often as I’d like!

BTW - 287lb Snatch-hi-pulls, holy shit!
P.S. Will be waiting to see your AFTER pics!