Managing Side Effects with Daily, Microdosed Injections?

Back again, gang. I wanted to know: has anyone found that daily injections (microdosing) help with side effect management?

To be clear, I’ve been feeling great on my EOD protocol thus far (started at 200mg a week, but down to 160mg as of last week).

I’m losing fat, gaining plenty of muscle, doing extremely well at work and at home, and overall feeling good. My issue is that I am getting some gnarly back acne. I’ve tried it all (dietary changes, washing with 10% benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, using overnight acne sprays, showering immediately after my workout, etc.). I am definitely predisposed to acne flare-ups, with the occasional pimple on my back prior to starting TRT, but it’s really bad now. I’m also retaining water a decent amount (I can see my sock imprint for a few minutes when I take my socks off after work and my face has been puffy). I’ve heard that these sides normally subside once you’ve been on TRT for a few months, but I’m six months in and they persist.

So, did anyone notice a difference by going to daily injections with regards to acne and water retention, specifically?

Did you ever figure this out? My acne started after being on the same does for a year and a half. I lowered it 2 weeks ago even tho i didnt want to and still waiting to see if it works. Ive been on eod injections for 2 years now.

Nope. Going to see a dermatologist and hop on accutane as soon as possible. I’m tired of the scarring and the constant pimples popping on my back and shoulders.

Some have permanently lost libido using accutane, so be warned! So accutane may be the beginning of more problems to come and the acne will be the least of your worries.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather my face look like a pepperoni pizza than completely lose my sex drive/libido.

Stay aware from Accutane.

I would try lowering dose more and see if issue resolves.

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