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Managing Insulin?

For a 4 week insulin protocol I’m thinking of supplementing with cinnamon, fenugreek, and about 30 grams fish oil.

Hopefully this protocol combined with strength training three times a week (starting strength), and one HIIT and one cardio session a week and of course a good diet (carb-cycling+1gprotein per pound+moderate olive oil/coconut oil/fish oil/flax seed consumption).

Anyone knows the correct dosage for cinnamon and fenugreek seed supplementation?

I know I am way too tiny to start dieting, but goddamn I want to see some abs for once. Furthermore, this should make my body more insulin sensitive, which would help me pack on some lean body mass once autumn/winter hits. I want to retain size and perhaps shed 10lbs of fat and replace that will 15pounds of lean muscle in the long term.

You’re 75kg. You don’t need to cut.

[quote]G87 wrote:
You’re 75kg. You don’t need to cut. [/quote]

I would agree with you but he says he wants be more insulin sensitive. Each to there own…

edit: now that im thinking about it, is it possible to gain muscle while improving one’s insulin sensitivity???

Insulin gets a bad rap.

Why do you feel the need to manage your insulin?