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Managing Caber's Nasty Side Effects?

Hello. I had slightly elevated prolactine(367, upper limit - 320) and I started taking caber 2 months ago. Doctors suppose this may cause suboptimal LH and T.

NMR done(2 in fact), no adenoma but there is herniation in the frontal pituitary like 3mm. Doctors presume this could be the cause for elevated prolactine and decreased gonadotropin hormones(LH and FSH)

I started taking .125mg X 2 times a week. I run blood tests 10 days after I started and last week. Unfortunately this dose has brought my prolactine only to 280 and seems I need more.

So I increased last week one of the doses to 0.250mg, the other remains 0.125mg. The problem is I experience very bad side effects I guess because of the dopamine rush - I feel over irritated, very stressed out, nervous and cannot think clearly like 2 days after the high dose. Then things ease out. I feel fed up with this shitty dopamine, just cannot handle it and feel like reducing my dose again.

Can you give me some suggestions how to manage these side effects?

Yes stop taking it and get on TRT and it will probably correct itself once you are healthy.

Well man its not so simple for me. I want to fix the root cause instead of jumping blunt on TRT. And also many guys on TRT still suffer from prolactine and need to take caber, I’ve researched that.

Yeah but if you think about it your male body has high levels of female hormones and low levels of male hormones. It thinks you are transitioning. If You correct the low male hormones your brain will stop trying to fill your up and coming breasts with milk and go back to doing what it should be doing. Taking a drug just to lower the female hormone which is most likely a byproduct of low T isn’t going to cause you to start making more t and not need replacement.

I dont know man everything I read about prolactine and testosterone so far points out the reverse direction. Prolactine leads to low T. Most cases elevated prolactine is from a tumor I do not have. But I have herniation which is a very unfamiliar condition and no doctor on this planet can say for sure whether this causes elevated prolactine.

Im giving my best now to optmize testosterone levels without TRT.

For one month with the caber and very low dosage of clomid I increased total T from 380 to 620! Stopped the clomid though because I feel shitty from it and SHBG raised a bit.

I want to drop weight now, I lost already 3kg. If I loose 10kg more, give my body enough time without shitty food and optimize my prolactine I hope maybe I can hit enough total T to have optimal free T without TRT. At least I need to try it with all out. If I were primary it would be a simple decision but Im not.

You should give yourself a deadline at least. Low t is known to make men very indecisive and you may find yourself 10 years from now still trying to lose 10 lbs and putting off the gyno surgery and trying different herbs and diets and exercises that you are too tired to do. Eventually You will have to put your foot down and just go for it.

Yes I did. I want to loose this weigh, make 6 months on caber even the small dose if I cannot tolerate bigger and will hope to arrange some telemedical consultation with dr Merril Matscke. I want to try first HCG monotherapy because it is crucial for me to maintain fertility. In fact this is my biggest worry regarding TRT. The other big worry is I see how sensitive my body is to all medications even SUPPLEMENTS and I’m not sure it will handle well even testosterone. Some people have reactions to oil or whatever. TRT is a complex process also with many variables and not everything there is roses and sunshines.

So you’re afraid of taking a hormone that is already produced in every single male body in the world and that’s about as safe as you can get, but you’re willing to take caber and mess with your brain and dopamine? You have some weird priorities, man.

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Caber was suggested as a few months solution to try to fix the problem, also it is not a life commiting and does not lead to infertility at least in these dosages.

As I said I may end up on TRT but I do not believe I should just jump on it without trying to correct the underlying issue of low T because my testicles seem to work properly.

Even famous doctors like dr Crisler wouldn’t put a patient like me on TRT right off the bath.

I agree that jumping on trt is not a decision to be taken lightly. But caber isn’t any safer. Messing with dopamine is serious business. Did you try alternative prolactin treatments first?

What alternative? The other medicine is worse. And supplements cannot lower it in most cases, I struggle with supplements also.

I don’t really understand this either? Caber can have some nasty side effects, google “Dopamine agonist withdrawal syndrome” if you haven’t already.

My prolactin was slightly over the upper limit, same as yours… several people have told me that theirs was too and once they started TRT it either came down some or it just flat out didn’t matter. I know lowering mine made no difference with my anorgasmia issues. Again, I hope it helps you, I just would not want to be on Caber long term. I’d rather have testosterone than that.

I hope it does for you or you find a solution that doesn’t require lifelong TRT, but I agree with the previous posts that you should put some kind of deadline on it so it doesn’t drag on forever.

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Have you tried natural methods before jumping to caber?

As much as I researched there are no effective such.

What do you mean exactly?

This is from another forum

Cabergoline. A cheaper alternative to cabergoline /dostinex is vitamin b6. 100mg 3 times per day. I go for frequent blood tests and during a deca only cycle, b6 dropped my prolactin back to normal within 2 weeks.

Hm. Im taking 100mg B6 per night in the B complex I take. I can try to buy only B6 to add 200 more but like doubt this will help…I’ve also heard about zinc, but no any trustworthy source or studies have confirmed any supplements to inflluence prolactine. Only ashwagandha that I also take but only to certain dosage because makes me sleepy with more.

Careful with b6, especially pyrodixine hcl it can cause permeneant peripheral nerve damage in excessive doses.

What do you think of L-Dopa? I found two studies saying it decreases prolactine only for a few hours

P5P. Different version of B6, more effective at a much lower dose.

@vonko1988 - our circumstances are a little different as I’m already on TRT, but my urologist prescribed caber as well to lower my elevated prolactin. I’m at the top of the range, but never over.

I didn’t like what I saw with a Google search of caber, so I haven’t taken it. @physioLojik recommended 100mg B6 twice a day and 1500mg L-Tyrosine once a day.

I did that for a bit without many noticable effects and after running out of L-Tyrosine, I started taking 300mg B6 in the morning.

Most recent bloods have my prolactin down a little, but I’m not noticing and improvement in orgasm really. I might try Vitex next. That was a natural remedy I found researching alternatives to lowering prolactin.

I’m following this thread. Hope it all works out for you.