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Managing 531 Percentages in a Large Group?

Those of you who coach athletes, how do you effectively manage everyone’s percentages? Meaning… making sure every kid has their percentage for the day. Do you hand out sheets every day? Post percentages up on laminated paper at each rack? Or is there a better way? I will have 50-60 kids in one session this summer. Any advice is appreciated.

On another note… I saw some posts on this forum in regard to this… but didn’t quiet find what I was looking for…I am looking into doing Building the Monolith. I like the structure and I know our guys will love it. However, there is no athletic movements involved, throwing/jumping and time for conditioning (alactic capacity, tempo runs). Is there another program out there that I am unaware or overlooked that is similar to Building the Monolith that involves athletic movements and conditioning. I have all three of the books. Let me know if I am an idiot and tell me where to look.

Oh damn! That’s a lot!

My one powerlifting coach would make 3 different groups following different programs and tell us who’s in which group via whiteboard. Tracking numbers was on us though individually, I did mine via notebook.

I would do handouts with holes punched in and have kids bring a binder.

We do Google Sheets, everyone has a phone these days - some people print them out.

Three to five people of similar strength levels in each group. When one person is getting ready to lift - the others change plates on the bar. We try to keep the tempo up. It isn’t that big a deal to get the weights right if everyone is working together.

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Every rack has a percentage chart on it. 4 TV’s with today’s lifts and percentages. That and stay on they ass

Krypteia program - lots of videos/podcasts on this very subject and how it’s used with athletes. The entire program is laid out in the Forever book - the videos/podcasts/interviews show the most important part of training athletes: the principles.

Each kid has a separate sheet which details the sets/reps of the main lifts over 3 weeks.

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How old are they? Just a suggestion, maybe you could also teach them to program for themselves or teach them what 5/3/1 is about and how to approach it so they aren’t so dependent on the coach to always tell them what to do or go about it

Hi Jim,
I got sick over the last few years, lost 76 pounds and therefore all my muscles and I´m weak as fuck but I also trained about 10 years on and off. I did several 531 templates in the past and I´m familiar with the technique in all lifts but I never run a pure beginner template or a template after a layoff.

My current weights for maybe 5 reps are:

squat 30-60kg
deadlift 40-60kg
bench 30kg
press with the bar

I´m starting from scratch.

At first I thougt about a 5x5 program or starting strength or stronglifts 5x5 etc.

What 531 template would you recommend to start new/again after my layoff. Krypteia or 531 for Beginner from your page or how should I start to get back into the groove to da a proper template like BBB etc. ? Like I said, I have all your books so you dont have to go in detail. Something with bodyweight stuff would be cool but I follow your advice because you are the one with experience

thank you very much!!!

You hijacked the thread, but I will give you an idea anyway. How about just run the Original 5/3/1 program with bodyweight assistance? If your just getting back into it, keep it simple and straightforward.

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Either what @bidbadbombs said, or 5/3/1 Beginner Prep School. Ensure you’re in good shape, all around, while bringing up your lifts and getting the BW circuit down. I’ve been non consistent in my lifting the past year and I’m going back through that before moving on to more challenging templates.

Just do 5’s PRO/5x5 FSL with 25-50 reps of assistance in the 3 categories. Dump the press as a main movement and use it as an assistance.

Simple to follow.

Hi Jim, thank you very much for responding to my question. That sounds great! Awesome!!!

I have one last big request please, can you give me two examples of a template when I train two times per week in the beginning the first few weeks and then three times per week? I want to know how often or how frequently should I train each lift and in which order etc.?

Thank you very much for your valuable time and your help. You can´t imagine how helpful your advice is for someone who overthinks everything. Your help and time is much appreciated!!

Best regards!

I am a HS powerlifting coach in Texas. I have just over 30 lifters [boys and girls] in my program. At the start of the season they’ll max out on squat, bench, deadlift, and military press. I have created a 5/3/1 Excel spreadsheet with their % numbers and the following week of practice I hand them their individual “Workout Card” inside a sheet protector. This is their workout for the next 4 weeks. Of course things will change once they max out equipped at a meet in January, then card numbers will increase. At the end of the season I will give them their cards to see where they started in November and ended in March. Also, after every 4 weeks, I’ll go back in and increase their upper body by 5 lbs and lower body by 10 lbs.

My first year at this school, we posted percentages on laminated paper on the wall. That was more to save time on the coach. My second year we transitioned to individual percentage cards. The kids enjoyed that better. Just make sure you have a place to store them. With powerlifting they are placed in a binder. They must sign in (name, date, time in, AM/PM), they’ll grab their card and when they finish they will put it back and sign out the time they are leaving. This has really helped me the past two years keeping everything organized and teaches the students responsibility.

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