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Man Wrestles Shark for Two Hours


OG PMed me about this last night, and I didn't see a thread on it.

Anyway, here's what I think:

"Craig grappled with the aggressive shark for two hours, shooting it seven times with his speargun before finally killing it, after it began to circle filmmaker Ryan."

You're damn right it's going to circle. Two guys were speardiving (spearing fish, spilling blood) in the gulf and didn't expect sharks to come?

When sharks do come, (and they will), and they start to circle, you get the fuck out of the water. [Their home.] If you don't, expect to get bit. Sharks use their teeth to figure out what stuff is. It's the only method they have, no matter how inefficient. They also have a Z-line, which is a line that runs along their body that senses when animals are in distress, (such as a tuna that was just speared, or two punk spearfishermen splashing around underwater with rapid changes in heart rate due to breath hold diving) from MILES away. An animal in distress is an easy meal. It's their instinct.

The fact that they were free diving (no SCUBA) allows them to appear silently underwater due to the fact that they don't breathe, or give off bubbles. ANY marine animal will recognize someone silent as something that should be underwater. (We shouldn't.) It's the same reason professional photographers use rebreathers, because they're silent and marine life aren't afraid of the human then.

I'd say "I bet if these guys were on SCUBA, the shark would have been scared off and left" but since there was blood in the water, it probably wouldn't have.

Who the fuck feels the need to wrestle a shark for two hours when you can get the fuck out of the water. I do think I see the outline of a boat floating in one of the pictures, but either way, with THOSE freediving fins, you can swim fast enough to make a wake. That's really fast. There's no doubt in my mind that this cunt couldn't have left the water and everyone [including the shark] could have been completely unharmed.

Plus, where the fuck was the film crew if there was a movie being made?

The bottom line is that this fuck wanted to be macho and kill a shark so he could brag about it. Look at that picture he took with that smug fucking look across his face. Prick.

Plus, he didn't "wrestle a shark for two hours." He fucking cheap-shot the shark with a fucking speargun, then shot it 6 more times and made it suffer for two hours, and kept it on a leash and then 'wrestled' it. You cannot wrestle a 12 foot shark. Even slow swimming sharks are too fast for a human to keep up with. Unless, you know, you shoot it 7 fucking times.

If I shot a guy 7 times, then waited for him die, then dragged him ass down the driveway to my car, it wouldn't fucking be glorified by the media. But that's because sharks kill more humans a year than humans do... Fucking idiots.

"a desperate bid to save his diving companion" my ass.


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Even if he did do this on purpose, are you against all types of hunting? Do you post a thread about every deer that gets shot?


No, but hunters hunt to hunt. They admit they want to kill the animal. They also usually eat the animal.

This is a story glorifying this guy for "wrestling" a shark when all he did was shoot it, torture it, then have him (and a bunch of his friends help him) drag it on a boat.

There's a difference.

Also, humans are killing the shark population that is having a HUGE negative impact on our oceans. When we fuck with our oceans, it fucks with US. Overfishing sharks has become a MASSIVE problem.

Anytime you eliminate a top predator in any environment, you're setting yourself up for huge problems.


I don't know much about the ocean's ecosystem of problems of sharks being killed so I really can't say. However, if your beef is strictly the way this guy is portraying it then I understand.

But I think I should point out that I find it unlikely that this guy would intentionally piss off a shark just to look good. Like I said, I don't know much about sharks, but I'd think there was a pretty good chance the shark could have gotten the best of him. Spear gun or not, I'm not fucking with a shark.


Watch Sharkwater. It's a documentary about... sharks. Among other things. It's one of the best films I've seen, fwiw.

You honestly don't think there are guys who would be willing to kill (or at least try) to be able to say "I've killed a shark!" or to have girls come up to him in bars and say "Hey you're that guy who wrestled a shark!"

...come on.

Yeah, the shark could have gotten the best of him, but the shark showed up because there was blood in the water.

Plus, apparently this whole thing lasted two hours. There's very little chance this guy was IN THE WATER for all two hours with the shark, which IMO, just adds to the fact that he's a shithead.

If I were in the woods, hunting for grizzly bears, and had a chopper above me that would be able to airlift me out of danger if the bear tried to attack, AND I shot it 7 fucking times, then had a picture of me laying on top of the thing, dead, would it be glorified in the news like this? No.


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It's a tough call to make without knowing this guy or his background and experience in the water. Either way, I guess I just don't have any sympathy for sharks.


I have stated this before;

Man vs. Shark is a bullshit match up.

Sharks get way too much respect, how hard is it to always win on your home court? Their SOS and RPI would be a lot better if they would fight a human on land every once in awhile. I guess this is why it is so important to win your division during the season, home court thru the playoffs.


I've known people who have done this. Spearfishing attracts sharks because they want your food. All sharks vary, and have their own moods.

I suspect this guy kind of wanted to spear himself a shark.


Fair enough, but I still think there's enough 'facts' about the situation that it can be deemed a major cheapshot as a whole. Agree to disagree.

Watch Sharkwater. I bet that will change.


So, about those nakie pics...



Unfortunately, no nakie pics were sent.


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1. Guy "wrestling" the shark is a douchebag and a try-hard.

2. The killing of sharks should be punishable by imprisonment and fines in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Fucking with the shark population fucks with everything.

Watch "Sharkwater" and you will understand.

(Except for those few token complete and utter idiots out there who will amount it to "liberal propaganda in the media").



im from australia, i go spear fishing once a month with my mates.

ok you only get one spear per person, also shown in the photos on that link.

so seven people must have shot the shark, or they had a boat close by and after first wounding the shark another person went back and got more guns. so it had to be a team kill

if he ate the shark i think its ok
if he didnt eat the shark hes a wanker and should be fined

unless the shark actually came at him and it was defense its a cowardly act.

personally i dont like sharks at all
i think humans can take there place in the food chain just fine. id feel happy knowing there is no sharks when i go spearing.


Some people carry lots of spears.

Most likely the shark came nearby and he shot it partly out of panic etc.. surprise or for fun. But it is a big one and I don't suspect he saw it and thought it would be cool to shoot it, I suspect he saw it and thought it was coming at him and shot it. It was prob. just curious.

If it was coming for him, he wouldn't see it. Also he wouldn't have had a chance.

People spearfish sharks with exploding tips.

I am quite surprised he managed to kill this one.

Judas .... are you sure there are no sharks? I've dived many times thinking there were none, and had surfers tell me about the "frikkin' huge sharks out there" in the carpark. They told me in the carpark, the sharks weren't in the carpark ... although they might have been in the tollbooth.


you cant carry fucking seven spears when you go driving. they are attached to the gun with a line, it takes ages of fiddling around to change spears on land let alone while your fighting a bloody 12 foot tiger shark

what the hell are you talkin about am i sure theres no sharks did u read my post properly ??!!!

i said i would feel happy if there was none
as in they all died as in became extinct....