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Man with No Calves Wins New York Pro 2020. WTF

Ian Valliere, Dude has fantastic upper body and upper legs, but no calf development. He comes first with a glaringly incomplete physique, WTF?

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I saw the results today. There’s a reason I stopped attending the NY Pro several years ago after seeing almost every show for seventeen years and following IFBB bodybuilding generally.

There’s not much excitement when no one really stands out of the line up.

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I guess that despite his lack of calves, he was still better.

Just like people are saying Bumstead has no arms

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You think he’s a man with no calves? I could show you a man with no calves…



Is it preferred that one use site enhancement oil, or be lagging in a muscle? Obviously real muscle is the best, but would Ian do better (be able to win a bigger show) with some oil?

Unfortunately not everyone is destined to be a Olympian level BBer. Do your best and place where you place.

In this case when you compare Vaillere to the other guys, he really didn’t seem to stand out as obviously better(even if he magically had decent calves).

Bumstead’s biceps aren’t a genetic strong point, but he stills has them, and at least are average/decent, just not as good as his close competitors. Vaillent looks like he’s never trained his calves, which are already genetically very highly inserted and very small.

Dexter Jackson won Mr.O without calves.

Not the biggest fan of Vaillere but he certainly brought size appart from his puny calves.

How “trainable” do you gents think calves are? I don’t know that I’ve ever gone after them consistently enough to have an opinion.

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I think they’re the most genetically dependent bodypart.

But with lots of TUT, slow eccentrics, and hitting them from all angles, I’ve been able to make them grow.

I know damn well Valliere’s calves are not at any sort of “genetic potential” though - it’s like @Beyond_Beyond said regarding Bumstead’s arms - this isn’t a weak point, they look like they’ve never been trained before.


Dexter Calves are high, but they are not small. He definitely beat guys with better calf development, when he won the Olympia. Dexter’s size and shape is an awesome combination, which has proved hard to beat. Against other guys who have that similarly awesome combination plus better calves, Dexter usually finishes behind them.

Dexter’s calves look massive compared with Vaillere. Vaillere is like Denis Wolf(who has poor calf genetics and development) but even much less calf development.

Man with no calves makes a great headline:)


I, for one, applaud this decision. Fuck that shitshow of a muscle (group) lol

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And, talk about the values of waiting out the stretch reflex (at least when using a calf machine of some sort).

Honestly I don’t have a lot of energy left over for calves after a gym session.

Chad Waterbury had a BW only, high-frequency training approach, that I used to do during stand up meetings

Biggest natural calves I ever saw was on a Wushu Sanda fight. While it wasn’t this guy,

there does seem to be something to remaining on your toes for lots and lots of your time if calves is a goal.

I have large calves and have never trained them in the gym. I did spend a number of years in my teens carrying things up and down ladders while sorking for my father. By things, I mean bundles (Usually two at a time) of shingles, buckets of mortar, and buckets of bricks. He was a masonry contractor that mostly did chimney rebuilds for insurance companies on big old Victorian houses. So, the 60 foot ladder wasn’t that unusual. I can only establish correlation here, but, it’s pretty strong.

To me it says something about the other competitors when they can’t beat a guy with a very lagging body part.

I suppose those guys will say it is bad judging. I suppose if you can’t handle that, maybe think about doing an objective competition instead.

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At a certain level, genetics are going to dictate what can be developed and what can’t. Things like calves, or lats, can be limited due to where they are attach and insert. You can do a heck of a lot in terms of improving, and making progress as an individual, but when you’re on the biggest bodybuilding stage in the world, next to the other one percent of the genetic elite, things will stand out as glaring weaknesses.

Things were so much simpler in the 1970s, when Arnold and Lou could just go get calf implants and be done with it. -lol


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Haha definitely one of my fav rumours, please tell me they never came clean about this…

So you’ve looked at photo’s of the competitors, and come to the conclusion that Ian was so far ahead of everyone else despite him having no calves? If so we must be looking at different photo’s.

Judges should at least have the appearance of trying to be objective. Their decisions should meet the agreed criteria, and they should have to justify their decisions if their decision doesn’t coincide with the criteria. Symmetry, balance and proportion,(ie no seriously lagging bodyparts) are probably the oldest criteria in BB.