Man Who “Identifies” As Woman Wins Women’s Physique Class

BOOM! This says it all. If we see our differences are seen as weaknesses we will all lose in the end. And the muscle centric sports will die.
In the end it won’t matter what you are as long as you’re the biggest. And it won’t matter what you are as long as you’re the strongest and fastest.
Women will lose whether they have a penis or not. That sounds the opposite of empowering, it’s self destructive.


I wasn’t aware that it had actually happened, but if the person in question came in last place, most of my point still applies, that the competitor didn’t gain a competitive advantage.

So the world of bodybuilding is one thing. It’s a sport judged entirely on aesthetics not performance. So I think the issue sorts itself out. I have an entirely different view on other ‘real’ sports, like track and field, WL, etc. I’m of the opinion, regarding those sports, that any transgender individual, whether mtf, ftm, or however they identify, should have to compete as a male, for the sake of ensuring no one gains a competitive advantage. Essentially, if you’ve ever been a male, you have to compete as a male, much in the same way that I believe if you’ve ever used steroids, you shouldn’t ever be able to compete in ‘natural’ bodybuilding again.

I hope most sports come to the same conclusion I have, because I agree with you that record books could potentially get destroyed.

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Texas will be the last state to figure this stuff out, as long as we have shithead governor’s like Abbott around. Zero common sense in that instance.