Man Who “Identifies” As Woman Wins Women’s Physique Class

I can’t enhance the image but this came up on my social media feed earlier and the title pretty much says it all.


I feel for the female athletes. Under some circumstances, you simply cannot compete fairly and in the current political environment you would be better off stabbing your opponent than pointing out the elephant in the room.


She won it fair and square over these other brave and beautiful women.



Seems like a joke, but I look at it as award the physique- if a man comes in looking like the best female physique then good for him and the real ladies need to step it up, if the NPC awards someone with a manly physique or simply most muscle- best woman, then we/they need to reevaluate what their looking for and what a female physique should aspire to in this game.

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I think she’s hot


Vera approves!

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I’m reeaally on the fence here. This isn’t as clear cut as an MMA match. Hear me out. All my life, serious bodybuilders I have known have always been people who don’t feel they fit into society. I think the sport can evolve in some way to include transgenders. I honestly have no idea how since I don’t really follow it religiously.

Just my opinion. I have no solutions lol.


Are we reading stuff on social media and assuming they’re true here?

A quick google of NPC Camellia Championships shows they’ve got multiple classes for both sexes. And this photo has multiple men in it. I haven’t spent long enough on this (nor will I) to cross reference names and photos, but is it not more likely that this is simply a photo of all class winners at this meet? To which some moron has appended a fake headline to “make a point” about gender reassignment and political correctness gone mad?

People are afraid to speak out for fear of being labeled anti-LGBT.


This summer the top three female track and field finishers for the State Championships, 100 meter dash in CT were all male to female trans students.

CT does not require any hormone tests, only “self identification” as a requirement to run as a female. The top winner ran as a female with a natural male hormone profile (she has not yet begun hormonal transition). I believe it’s the same for the number two runner, who competed as a male earlier in the same season then switched genders.

This blog post does a pretty nice job of talking about some of the issues in female sports, the difficulties in where to draw lines.

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@ In the current political environment.

The NPC would be sued, so fear of litigation is a factor. I have seen a story about a TG BBing show, but many TG advocates seem to think that a separate class for TG individuals is the equivalent of putting Rosa Parks in the back of the bus. Seriously, I believe they think they are Rosa Parks here.

Third wave feminists have helped create this situation, so they aren’t speaking out. It’s part of their agenda to make gender categories meaningless. Implying that there is such a thing as biological sex will get all the gender studies majors… triggered.

Some of the parents in CT started a petition, but very few coaches were willing to go on record about the fairness of the the track and field comp. They don’t want to risk loosing their jobs. #stasi

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And we don’t judge you…

Out of all the people in this pic, I think one is an actual woman. I am guessing the dude 3rd from the right was the winner? This looks like a Frat party gone wrong…or right, depending on which side you are on…

Like this?

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um. are you looking at the person in the blue bikini? or did you just assume this was about the person in the center of the photo?

Maybe I posted too quickly. I looked at the home page for the Camellia Championships.

And I did a lot of googling. I think the photo you shared is shopped. I can’t find any evidence on the internet of this actually happening.

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Since we’re on the topic though, I do have some thoughts, if this ever actually happens.

I think a man would be at a distinct disadvantage if he were allowed to enter ‘women’s physique’. A man’s not going to have the lines or the proportions that judges are looking for. It’s not women’s bodybuilding, remember. For a man to compete in women’s physique, all his energy would be meant to go towards muscle atrophy, essentially. Women in women’s physique aren’t rewarded for having a crazy amount of muscle. So a man’s ability to build more muscle would be to his detriment, not advantage.

I also have a hard time imagining a male competing in a women’s figure division and not getting tanked by at least one judge in the scoring. Just 1 judge believing the dude shouldn’t be up there would be sufficient to make sure a man wouldn’t win.


Women’s Physique is basically Women’s bodybuilding before it went over the top. From thr NPC site:

** Women’s Physique athletes should display **

  • More muscular density than seen in figure
  • Clear muscle separation – small amount of striations is acceptable
  • Emphasis is on muscular development with full muscle bellies
  • Muscular development should be balanced between upper and lower body

** Women’s Physique athletes should NOT display **

  • An overly striated physique
  • Graininess associated with female bodybuilding

For example, this level of muscularity is not something most men can achieve with no commitment to building muscle. I do agree that it would be tricky to get the balance/flow right - especially from the back.


I think those rules, as stated, don’t really tell the whole story of what judges are looking for. I think the judges are still looking for an essence of femininity in the sport. There’s nothing in those rules that says ‘don’t get too big’, but we all know that you’re going to lose if you get too big, even if you’re still ‘balanced’. I think that ends up being implied, and so while there’s nothing clearly in the rulebook that favors being female, it’s probably important, lol.

We’ve had a thread about TG athletics in WLing before, but I’ll wade in again…

I don’t know about the link Stu put up, but it has happened.

To the thread, not just aiming this at you, Flip.

Both MTG, and FTM trans people have competed in BBing shows.

Like I said, I saw a story about a FTM TG person who wanted to have a TG show, with all TG competitors. Right on.

Should we treat people with kindness and respect in our everyday lives? Yes. BUT… Athletic competition is a whole different issue.

This person competed as a woman and won second place out of two women. I guess there aren’t a lot of women doing physique anymore, most of us want more of a figure to bikini look.

Youtube 2:41 minutes

Personally, I have less of an issue with this, since all the competitors in some of these federations are no where near normal female hormone profiles, and it’s in many ways a beauty contest, about aesthetics. At least that’s me thinking out loud. For FTM trans competitors, they are already at a disadvantage in anything that requires muscle and athleticism so that’s a lot less likely to upset anyone. The idea that I could start taking T and try to compete with someone like @The_Mighty_Stu, is not likely to keep him up at night. wink.

My opinions about female athletics like the track and field athletes competing as females with unaltered male hormones profiles? Hard Nope. Why bother having divisions at all? Hey, flip can now self identify female and sweep Stongwoman. Cool, excpet his GF might not be impressed when he trounces her. This is why Janae Kroc said she would not compete in PLing. Nobody in their right mind thinks that would be fair, but we have some TG WLer in New Zealand sweeping the female records, thinking she’s Rosa Parks. Nope.

This has the potential to ruin female competitive sports, IMO. I predict that in the near future many of the female records will be set by MTF TG individuals.

Really, this is a woman’s issue. If the feminists are willing to sit back and say nothing about situations like the CT high school track and field finals, then they deserve to be called front holes (PWI Stupid Thread reference). That’s the most dehumanizing name for female anatomy I’ve ever heard BTW.


Just a note about the Olympic rules. The video I posted above is older, and makes a reference to older IOC competition rules. Current rules, as of 2015, are focused entirely on hormone levels for competition in the Olympics (not surgery or chromosomes).

Obviously, the states have not yet figured out how to deal with TG athletes at the high school level, and there’s a lot of variation in what’s allowed. CT only requires “self identification as F.” You may remember the TX high school wrestler who was FTM, but had to compete according to his birth certificate (born F), so he went in and trounced the women because he was transitioned and was taking male hormones. Also ridiculous, IMO.

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