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Man vs. Woman Training


My fiance, and I have both worked out for a number of years, but separately. We have recently joined a new gym together. My goals have always been to get bigger, and stronger. So my research has always lead me in that direction. While hers are to burn fat, and get smaller. I believe that a weight training program for strength would burn the fat she would like to burn. While defining her muscles more without packing on a lot of size, which could be regulated by her diet. Getting her to subscribe to that is another story. I am not a trainer nor do I know if women should train differently than men. In my opinion a muscle is a muscle. Man or woman does not matter. Anyone care to chime in on this?


Women need to train underwater only. Their gills and fins make marine traininh optimal. On land women tend to dry out and become lesbians. Most women who work out on land are evolved lesbian sea monsters.


Body composition is important when looking at losing fat. The more muscle you have, the higher your base metabolic rate is. If your fiance is afraid of getting bulky like a man, she doesn't need to be. She doesn't have enough testosterone in her system and I doubt she eats enough of the right macros to have the energy required for her body to put on serious muscle.

I've been working out for a little over 3 years now and in that time frame I've lost between 40-50#. I did this with sprint work and heavy weights for lower sets. Volume work is one part of a process that makes muscles grow. Heavy lifting (within reason, of course) for lower sets is what has helped me start getting definition on my body.

Of course, cardio is important in burning fat, as well. The problem with the women who solely do cardio is that they are LOSING muscle. By not weight training in conjunction with cardio, they are telling their body that they don't need the muscle which is a much easier source of energy than fat. Hence, what I call the skinny fat women. Look tiny but their body composition is horrid.

Here's an article I scared up from elitefts: http://www.elitefts.com/documents/female_athletes.htm. Hope this helps some!




Thanks pixie very usefully info. She actually does lift regularly, and has a great body as is. But you are correct in saying she doesn't want to bulk up.


I always find these statements amusing since it's very difficult for most women to "bulk up." If she has a great body "as is," why does she want to be smaller? Okay. I'll stop now.


i guess we were supposed to chime in with messages of support that the OP is right.
the thing is that some people just aren't into it. guys or gals, some people just aren't into it.

i'm staying with a couple people at the moment... one of them is really into running. trail type running, i guess. 20k type races. she said she does want to get / keep upper body strength... but she simply isn't interested in going to the gym or lifting weights. i gave her some simple bodyweight exercises that are vertical-horizontal push-pull and maybe she will do some... or maybe she won't. don't know. the other one of them is into free diving. he does a little bit of weight lifting, but he really isn't all that into it. i tried to get them both interested in olympic lifting but they aren't really. he tried to get me interested in free diving and it does sound kinda cool. but i'm not really interested in it.

i think that exercise is a really very personal thing for people. sometimes people do have fears that prevent them from participating in various things (e.g., if i look at a weight i'll turn into a man) but often times the things people say aren't really the reasons they have... sometimes they just aren't into it.

thing is that for some people exercise can be a social thing... or sometimes a bit of a 'me time' thing. a lot of couples don't work out together. either because they value it as their time to socialize with other people... or their time to spend with themself doing what they want... sometimes people aren't all that results focused, too. they just want to do their thing and have some kind of 'maintenence' idea in mind.

maybe she doesn't want to give control of her exercise over to you...


maybe she wants to look like this. in which case she is probably better off staying away from the weights and avoiding protein and calories altogether...


I can appreciate what you are saying, but your presuming to much. She lifted weights before we met, and its not just my work out she has made a lot of input as well. I wouldn't push it on anyone. Different strokes for different folks.


We talked about our goals, and body type before we even started working out.


what is the issue then???

did she stop lifting weights once she met you? or does she do higher reps on the weights than you think is optimal for her goals? is your thought that instead of focusing on a 10+ rep range she would make more progress focusing on a 1-5 rep range? or something else?

um... maybe she doesn't want to train with you? you are kinda under-describing the problem...

maybe she is just happy doing her thing. i mean... is she asking you for help or are you trying to advise her when she hasn't explicitly asked and / or complained about not being happy with her progress??


Personally I wouldnt want to train with a girlfriend anyway.



lol OMG that one broad doesnt even have an iota of an ass its like as flat as the back of her leg. Speaking of leg I think that one chicks is gonna crack under the pressure of walking!


I like this post. Just because we love it, doesn't mean other people should love it or, even do it. I'd be quite annoyed if I had a boyfriend that was into long distance running and pushed me into it. It's not my cup of tea just as it may not be for the OPs girlfriend.