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Man vs. Food Challenges Near You?


I love this show and wonder if any of our American T-Nationers live near or have even tried some of the challenges Adam has tried.

I'm in Asia so the show drives me nuts and makes me want to fly or run to some of these places, so if you're near one and haven't tried their challenge yet...do it for me!

Here's a map listing of the places he's been, so if you live near one, you know where to go!



I've eaten the cinnamon roll and chicken fried steak here:



How was it? Could you finish it?

I know how it is when I watch the show...I can get such strong hunger-jealousy but I understand that there's a wall you hit after 20 minutes of eating where what tasted good moments before becomes oily disgusting ashes in your mouth.


I went to Rutgers University so I ate at all the places he went to there. I still stop at the grease trucks every 6 to 8 weeks for a Fat Daryl or a Fat Sam. He didn't win that challenge, but he sure ate alot more than I ever could. 5 sandwiches is insane.

I also live close to NYC so I'm going to try some of the places out there. He did a 48 oz steak challenge at Shula's and theres one in Manhattan so that will be the next one I do.


You know man every time the wife and I go to San Antonio I want to go the bakery, but no we always have to go to La Margaritas in the market.

I miss those Chicken fried steaks. "Never trust a skinny cook"


^^I've seen that one! Yeah, those sandwiches looked great. So you eat eat two and that's more than enough?


I ate the whole chicken fried steak. No gravy, though. Took the cinnamon roll to go.

DJHT has been there, too, I'm sure. She used to own the Jailhouse Cafe and they served the same food.


I finished the 5 pound bbq burrito in tenesse... The burrito tastes great so it was easy till the last 1/5 but the pudding was easy to put away after that cause it tasted different... my gf had to do the driving after that cause I wanted to just take a food coma induced nap...

I tried the carnavor challange with with gf's brother... i was one slice away from finishing my half and he was on the verge of puking with 2.5 pieces left so we had to call it on that one....

Also, got the chicken and waffles in atlanta (after waiting 2 hours) was great...


So did the Jailhouse Cafe close?


When they're fresh, they're awesome. The combinations may sound goofy, but I swear it works for some reason. If the fries or chicken tenders have been sitting awhile, they suck.

I've eaten 2 before. I think I can eat 3 if I push it. I'll try it next time I go for the fuck of it. There's no way in hell I could finish 4 and 5 is just crazy.


He came to Ann Arbor and climbed mount nacheesmo. I don't really have a big enough stomach for something like that. I'd love to try those nachos though!

I did, however, go to the maize and blue deli and got the reuben had in the episode. Muy delicioso!


pic of the reuben.


I was thinking of trying this one. It's pretty cool that the video is pre-production. 1 wing and he was out. I know I won't finish it , I just want to try it.




nom nom nom

gotta go up there sometime!



No way I could eat that, I could barely finish a regular burger.


That's the place with the 10lb milkshakes right? I'd love to try that with one of those huge sandwiches.

No way I'd finish, but it'd be great to fill up on that.


I haven't done any of the challenges but I have eaten at the Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh and Gino's East in Chicago.


I have eaten at Red Mill in Seattle, but I will not be trying the Northern Exposure Challenge at Beth's. Too much egg for my liking.


So if you could try ANY of the challenges which would you try first? I know this is blasphemy for a weight lifting site since no dead animal but...

Melt bar and Grilled challenge in Cleveland. A grilled cheese sandwich with 14 different types of cheese.


Buckhorn Exchange - been there for dinner, lots of awesome meat
Duffy's Cherry Cricket - great burgers, but not THE best
Jack-N-Grill - massive breakfast burrito - he failed and I wouldn't even try
Beau Jo's - pizza of my youth
West End Tavern - 50 wings in 30 minutes, I've had several friends try this but I don't think they've succeeded.