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Man VS Beast

I thought this show was halrious… Only FOX can come out with an idea like this. A gorrila vs the Japanese current hot dog winner in a hot dog eating contest the gorrila won, Japanese Sumo champ VS A Chimp in tug-of-war the Chimp won track superstar (forgot his name) VS a Girrafe in the 100m the track star won and then raced a Zebra twice and lost to it. Then they had another Chip VS a ex-navy Seal in a obstacle course the Navy Seal guy won. finally they had I believe it was 40 or 44 little people ( midgets)sorry don’t mean to offend any midget t-mag readers VS an Elphant in pulling a jumbo jet 25yard. the Elphant won. I thought it was halrious the whole thing.

I dont watch T.V. because every show is so idiotic and repetitive. They come out with the stupidest ideas.How many Survivors are they going to make? But Man VS Beast;Im actually gonna dig out the T.V. guide and try to find out when its on again. Sounds hilarious :slight_smile:

Actually it was a Kodiak Bear in the eating contest, why would a gorrila eat hot dogs? The tug of war was an Orangatan, much stronger than a chimp. And th tv show called the elephant an Asian Elephant. Last time I checked there were only Indian and African elephants. MUst be a new species bred for jumbo jet pulling only huh.

If that chimp had known it was a race, he would’ve spanked that navy seal all over that obstacle course.

Did you see the nipples on the orangutang?

You are Right it was a Kodiak Bear sorry for the mis info kind of late when I type this…

I think your right… Although the Navy seal I think has an advantage on the ground not in climbing though… I would have love to see two or ten strongmen instead of the midgets against the Elphant.

I agree about the Strong men being better. But the 44 midgets were better for publicity. It sounded like there is going to be more shows like it in the future. I also heard a rumor that there going to take guys off the street and throw in the ring with Mike Tyson. Maybe I’m a sick bastard but I think it would be cool to see some dude get his ass deystroyed.

There are two kinds of elephants, African and Asian. Never heard of an Indian elephant–you probably mean Asian. Now, they think there are two species of African elephants: www.usatoday.com/news/ science/aaas/2001-08-24-elephants.htm

I think they should have had a strongman competitor against the orangutang. The sumo wrestler was small for a sumo wrestler. Plus, they’re more used two pushing dudes, not pulling ropes.

Indian Elephant = Asian Elephant, therefore Asian Elephant = Indian Elephant. Got it? There are no more species of Elephants left in Asia besides the Indian Elephant, and since it lives in Russia too, both terms would be correct. I guess…