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Man United vs Barca Champions League Final


I'm a diehard Manchester United fan (no, not a bandwagon fan) and I honestly feel they can beat Barcelona. 1.) It's Van Der Sar's last game and Scholes' (if SAF plays him) so you know the team is going to give it everything they have. SAF is head and shoulders a better manager than Pep Guardiola. Barca's weakness is their defense. The guy that scares me the most (besides Messi) is Xavi. He's what makes Barca tick. Contain him and there's a chance. It'll all come down to the counter-attack I think. Barca will clearly have more possession time but it's how ManU gets down the pitch on the counter-attack. That's where I think Chicarito comes into play. 2-1 ManU final score.


I'm also a MU fan.
But let's be realistic here, nowaday is Barcelona's moment, no team could stop them.
They play short & fast passing, which I think MU cannot keep up with.


I have a premonition of Scholes going studs up into Messi's knee. Gets sent off. Messi's off injured.

All of a sudden, Man utd have a chance.

Honestly, I favour Barca slightly. They're more skillful. However, Man Utd just refuse to die. Will be a great game. Better than two years ago.


I don't think Scholes starts for that reason. I hope Fletcher is fit. I predict Gerard Pique committing a foul in the penalty box and that being one of ManU's goals. The other coming from a Ryan Giggs corner to Chicarito or Vidic. David Villa scores for Barca.


As a Chelsea man ideally I don't want to see United lifting the cup but id rather an English Club brought it home than Barca, even though Barca will probably edge it. Should be a great game




How about that Torres signing? Roman must be loving it but I guess when you're a billionaire what's 70 million.


Heh, literally that means "Long live the boat".
"Visca el Barça" is the accurate one :slight_smile:

I'm glad that Pep will have all players available for like, first time in the season. I'm worried with Villa's goal dry spell, but he should be well rested by the final. Puyol is still bit out of shape due to the past injury, but he played quite well in the second semifinal of the Champions League, so I guess he'll be fit.

I wonder if Sir Alex Ferguson will take the route he took in the semifinals of few seasons ago, with heavy defense and Rooney playing very far from Barcelona's goal. Fighting power to power may end with a defeat, like in 2009, so we will see.

I really hope MU tries to attack. I'm tired of seeing teams playing super defensively against Barcelona or Spain and then people saying the passing game is "boring".
Yeah well, 10 guys defending twenty meters away from their goal area doesn't allow many things...


It's not that clubs wanna be defending against Barca- they cant do anything else cause if u open up just a little they will punish you. my thought is 2:0 again for Barca


Did this match already take place?


No, May 28th


The game is on May 28th.

Its sure to be a good match with Manu U as formidable opponents, but I believe Barca will come out victorious.

Even if Man U puts 2 on Messi, Barca's style of play will out-wit, out-play that of Man U. Barca plays tight and fast, they can run circles around players even in the tightest spaces.

Van der Sar is a very good goalie though, so scoring will be low. And Man U will have to set precedence at the first whistle in order to keep any offensive momentum.

Should be a great game! beauty and the beast.


Valencia and Villarreal played offensively against Barcelona and although they lost, they had many chances but they crashed physically.
Valencia at Camp Nou was amazing. They were leading after the first half, but Xavi gave two amazing assists and it was over.

So, it's possible to play against Barcelona face-to-face, but you need good physical condition and to keep focus at all times.


No offense, but of all the Barca players to name yourself after; Mascherano? Better never go to Liverpool wearing a Mascherano kit or you might end up getting a Mercyside whooping:)


I totally agree with you. I stated at the beginning of this thread that the man who really scares me is Xavi. Messi and Iniesta get most of the headlines but Xavi makes Barca tick.

Will be interesting to see if Guiseppe Rossi stays at Villarreal or moves to Barca or an Italian team. He wants more Italy International play/starts but Italy's manager gives him no love since he's "out of sight out of mind" at Villarreal.


Actually, my friend, I signed on when he was at Liverpool :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I'm Argentinian, so I don't really follow a particular team in Europe. But if i had to choose my favorites would be Barca because they're phenomenal, and Man City because Tevez is my hero (Spurs are my second choice). And River Plate is my home team, so I pledge allegiance. They used to some of the loveliest footie around.


Two things I have to say about this game:

  1. Barcelona are cheating scum and a disgrace to Football.

  2. COME ON UNITED: Let the good overcome the evil scum of Catalonia.


United will dominate.


He needs to get his head down this summer and find that extra bit of speed again. Next seasons going to be important for him

Hope they have someone lined up to replace Ancelloti, cant believe theyve sacked him

1) Their current team is probably one of the greatest, most talented, complete sides football has ever seen. Its shame they've tainted their own name slightly with that ridiculous semi final. The play acting and trying to get players sent off was disgraceful.

2) This Saturday should be a great game, would I pay £175 a ticket to see it though? Hell no.

United to edge it 2-1...


  1. I'm tired of this. Watch this video : http://youtu.be/S1Lw8g7qyc0
    That's from the cup final (days before the semifinals). Notice how dirty Real Madrid played and how many times they dived, yet they barely got any card and no red card (just double at the very end), even if they deserved a few.

So, after being annoyed at this, they dived like, three times in a two-legged match in Champions League? And they are "cheating scum"? How often do all teams dive, especially Spanish, Italian, etc.? Quite often. But now it's just Barcelona.

You sound like a typical brainwashed Marca reader.

  1. You sound like a typical brainwashed Union Editorial reader. What is that "evil scum from Catalonia" you speak of? Have you ever been there?