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Man Trapped In Woman's Body


Does anyone buy this idea of one sex being born into the "wrong body"? You know "I'm a man trapped in a woman's body or I'm a woman trapped in a man's body"...

Was just watching a program about a girl who underwent a sex change to "correct this". I don't have any problem with correcting it, I mean do what you want - admittedly I think there's more important things to spend your time and money on, but anyway... - just not sure about these apparent "medical reasons" for it.

To me it just seems like dude wants to look like a girl or girl wants to look like a dude.


Not sure, but my (former) hot lesbian friend used to accuse me of being a lesbian trapped in a man's body, if that makes any sense . . . .


If you were trapped in a hot chicks body, wouldn't you play with yourself a lot. All you would need is a mirror.

Mr. Garrison comes to mind.


As much as I believe in any other mental illness. People think they are all sorts of things, this just falls under that umbrella.

I've seen people think they are God, think they are his disciples, think they are animals... People think all kinds of things. This one just happens to have a surgical cure that "fixes" it.


"Male" and "female" are biological classifications. They are determined by anatomy. The rest is just commentary.


Wouldn't that just make you a man? I mean, you like women, but you have a crank. I don't get it.


And therein lies the conundrum . . . . :wink:


Did you happen to tell her about your jessica biel fascination?


Ohh scissor me timbers!


Yup, she shares the fascination, so we bond over that. :slightly_smiling:


Kind of makes sense to me Andy, I think its all hormonal and has some to do with DNA. Just like you see these kids with birth defects like 4 arms, or 6 fingers and what not. I bet the same goes for hormones and sex genes getting crossed.

If you are a woman, and somehow your genetics are f-ed up to where your body is pumping out Testosterone and hardly any Estrogen, I can see how you'd feel like a man stuck in a woman's body and vice versa. If that makes sense to what you are wondering.

I don't know how the hell a man could be attracted to another man in the first place, unless the above happens or I guess if you are fed up with the way women act. But women are so f-ing beautiful, I can see how women could be attracted to other women.


My sister is researching this as part of her PhD. One thing you might not realize is that there are a large proportion of people (1/1000 or so) who is born "cross-gendered" or as they used to call it, hermaphrodite. Many of these babies have been randomly assigned a sex... usually whatever was easier for the doctor to perform (i.e. lop anything off and call it a girl).

Now imagine that you're all wired up like a man, but you have some cross-gender happening, and at birth the doc lops off what little you have, and constructs a vagina. You're raised as a girl, but you're wired like a boy. You don't think this can cause some major angst?


There are important characteristics that need to develop in the brain that go along with the physical gender. Generally they are bundled in a package deal. A physical male normally comes with wiring that makes him attracted to females. Sometimes though, the wrong item gets put in the package and you have a physical male that is attracted to other males.

Another item that needs to be in the package is wiring for gender identification. Sometimes this can get screwed up to and you have a physical male who identifies with being female. It's not common but it does happen.

I think there could be some environmental influence but, for the most part, its just a genetic mix up.



That's some good scissoring action.


Not only do I think BiG BeN is a complete fool, I also think this thread is going to turn into a magnet for gay bashing.

After all, Mr. Ben in all his intellect and wise logic has enlightened us.


Yup. Sadly, this is NOT the first time this has happened, either. It's weird, too. Living in a Boston suburb, I'm quick to forget that resentment towards gays even exists. Oh well.


I completely understand the transgender/hermaphrodite/hormonal thing - but this girl had nothing abnormal; she just said she felt she was supposed to be a guy.

There was a young guy on a different program who had nothing abnormal about him either - he just said he felt he was supposed to be a woman cause he liked things like shopping. And having a sex change op was presented as the way to deal with it.


for some sick reason when i read the title i imagened some skinny guy trapped in the fat folds of some obese woman.


GUARDS!!! Shut down this thread immediately because of what it MIGHT turn into in ONE person's opinion! No, no one has officially crossed any PC lines yet but they're teetering daaaangeously close to it and they just might! GUAAAAAAAAARDS!!!