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Man, this is the pits...

Weird question here. Anyone have problems with underarm perspiration? I don’t usually have problems, but the last three weeks I have put some serious wet spots in any shirt I wear. Explanations? I’m at the end of a mass gain cycle, could that be it. Also I’m trying to drink over 100 oz of water a day, could that be a culprit. Anyway, if anyone has any advice, I’d like to hear it. I know this is an usual request but the Martha Stewart website was basically no help with this. :wink:

Your body can get used to your deodorant, so just switch to a different brand, try Mitchum. It works well, costs a little more though. If you really want to knock out all the sweat buy a roll on called Certain Dry. I used to have bad pits, now the ladies love me!

Right Guard Sport antiperspirant/deodorant stick…works wonders for me!

Adam, some people just sweat more than others. But do you shave your armpits? I’ve been doing that for years, and I love it! Smooth, clean, less body odor, and I don’t seem to sweat as much.

Get Drysol, I had the same problem as yourself. Drysol will clear up your sweat stains completley within a day or 2.

i had the same problem a few years back. the sweat would start within an hour after showering. you have to get drysol. the stuff is the best and not expensive at all. it needs a perscription but any doc will give it to you. it will change your life and you’ll be alot more comfortable around people. i know what you’re going thru and it sucks but try out the product and you’ll be happy.

That same exact thing happened to be at the end of a mass cycle. I had never had a problem with pit sweat before and didn’t know what to do. I tried Mitchum and other strong anti-persperents and nothing worked. The sweating only went away after I went on the T-Dawg diet and cut off about 20 lbs in fat. When I got thinking about it, I figure that on a mass diet (and I assume you are as heavy as you have ever been right now, that’s how I was) your matabolism is working extra hard to burn calories and maybe this could increase body temp. Makes sense. Maybe if you maintain this weight a while, your body will get used to your new weight and the sweating will go down. Just a guess.