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Man this is messed up...

some people just need to be shot…


I just posted the same thing!

IfuckingRATE. I hope that cocksucker dies. Fucking piece of shit.

Holy shit.

I used to have a Miniature Yorkie named Gizmo, too. If I knew where that jackfuck lived I’d go place kick his ass with my fuckin’ truck.

For some crimes I think the offender should get the same thing that he did. I big mutha machine punting him between the uprights.

That is so low.

i hope when that retard is out strolling down the street someone breaks his knees or returns the favor.

t-nation should organize an easter t-hunt. t-men from tennessee should hunt him down, and beat the living shit out of him. on success of this mission biotest/t-mag will drop prices on all of their products.


What a scumbag! Someone should sick a pitbull on him and see if he can place kick that dog!

I sometimes wonder what the fuck goes through peoples heads? If you really feel like kicking something kick a damn ball. this dude needs to get tied down to a fire hydrant and let any dog come by and piss on him for a week.

Sad times.

That’s gotta be the lowest fucking thing to do. Then, to laugh about it! I agree that some of the Tennessee T-Brethren should track him down, Hold his head to the ground like a football and kick it with steel toed boots. Might knock some sense into that scumbag.

Hey, get me his address :wink: I’m always up for some fun.

By the way, sometimes I really hate the image some people give this state. Now half of America is affirmed in the belief that Tennesseeans are imbred rednecks. I should kick his ass for more than one reason.
“This one is for Gizmo, this one is for TN, this one is because you are an ugly little bitch…”

That’s just wrong.

Heres a link to the cocksuckers local paper!


you’re my boy, gizmo!!!

Grr. That fucking pisses me off. I need to stop reading about this or I really will wind up hunting him down and punting his scrawny redneck ass like a football.

someone needs to football kick his crotch…


The address is out there if you feel the urge Fnord11. Just glance at his local paper.

Shit.Now I wish I didn’t read that.Some people are just plain evil.We live in a f**ked up world.

Am I wrong to wonder what kind of distance he got?