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Man, These High Protein Diets...


... provoke some of the most rancid farts ever!! WTF?!?!

I just started eating 5 high protein meals a day and all I gotta say is that I need to stay away from ppl. LOL.

Anybody experience the same thing on a high protein diet (especially some of you guys who consume 250+ grs. of protein per day)??


Are you sure you're not a bit lactose intolerant?


Up until now, he has been food intolerant. Let him fart.


Somethings wrong somewhere, sure now and again we may emit somewhat foul smelling gases but if its frequent then you have a problem. I remeber one of the worst times i had it was when years ago when i was chowing down 3 large glasses of Mega Mass 4000 (load of shite) every day. Talk about gut rot!


If you've increased your consumption of milk or dairy products, including protein powders, look into lactose intolerance. Otherwise, as the professor says, fart away.


Nothing is wrong. It's the fact that he's eating a lot more now...more carbs and protein.

My gas issues have decreased recently since I cut out some of the other carbs I was consuming (bread, pasta). Now that I mainly eat fruits and veggies for all my carb sources, I have less gas. However, a higher protein diet always causes more gas issues. You just have to deal with it.

I've made people gag at times with mine. And I'm fucked up enough to get friends sealed into a small space where they can't escape (the car with windows up) and let them smell the fury of my ass. The look on their face is truly priceless. And to actually see someone throw-up in their mouth because of it is a feat that few can master! LMAO!




Don't ever, and I do repeat ever, eat the black beans in the Chipotle burritos!!! You will swear that your insides have been turned into a mobile chemical and biological weapons of Mass Destruction lab and testing facility!

Just thought, I would add that nugget of advice since we're on the topic of flatulence.

When I first started eating a higher protein diet years back your problem happened to me, but over time my gut adapted to it. Thank God!


I agree with the thinking it is more of an issue of food itself Not protein. Your body isnt used to any excess AT ALL.

It is literally shitting that it is getting intake. Also for me its more the veggeis and carbs that bring forth the beast then it is the protein. I can go all protein and Fats and not a peep. Bring on a plate of broccili and wacth the hell out. LOL

Eat up bro,



LOL. Good 'ol Professor X, with his sharp comments which don't spare anyone..

BTW, my dad is concerned about the fact that I eat 3 (yeah JUST THREE!!!) whole eggs for breakfast.

He says that 3 egg yolks a day is really bad for the liver, and that it equates to 21 eggs a week.

He is betting that I will one day collapse or get sick due to some liver or kidney dysfunction.

Yeah, talk about my wonderful family "support" when it comes to ahcieving bodybuilding goals..


Gosh, I hope mine develops as well... ...and fast, or I risk ending up with no social life at this rate. LOL.


We have a place called "Moe's" that sells southwestern food (fast food, but fresh). They specialize in burritos and such. Now, I don't eat typical fast food (Wendy's, McD's, Taco Bell, etc.), but I will occassionally grab something that is "fresh" fast food (no, not Subway).

Well, I usually get the "Triple Lindy." I also get extra meat. So I get this huge burrito (the size of your head) and stuff it with extra meat (steak) and black beans along with cheese, lettuce, tomato, salsa, fresh jalapeno's, black olives, onion and gauc.

After eating one of those, I can cause death with my ass. The combo of meat and black beans with the rest of the stuff creates some of the worst gas I've ever had.

So yes, black beans can definitely spark some terrible problems! Just don't go to a club/bar afterward or around any women you hope to hook up with.


Ignore him. You've already been close enough to getting sick or risking other health problems with your aversion for food in the past.

Just eat!!

Eggs are good for you. And I'll usually eat 4-5 a day, every day and go through 18-pack cartons like I go through gallons of water.

Just think of how many eggs the bigger guys consume (Prof X, other bodybuilders).


As long as you live in their house, they won't listen to what you have to say on the issue and will constantly put down the effort. Bodybuilders are to farts what the Hilton sisters are to expensive hand bags and gang rapes.


I easily down 4 eggs in a sitting, not every day, though I would, I just get sick of eating eggs all the time, i just eat alot of food, good stuff, like tuna with some olive oil, yogourt, nuts, fruits and veggies and damn, I think the 2-3 lbs of beef I eat a day will rott my liver before the 4 eggs a day or the amount of alcohol i drink, and thats alot.

Im currently 6'6 260 and trying to put on more weight, being tall sucks because you need to eat a hell of a lot and train these damn long limbs. People guess my weight being around 200, but I am 260, so I think it means I need more mass, even though my bf isnt too bad, considering the amount of food i eat, my bf is around 13%, however bf isnt my goal, so I really dont worry about it.


so i suggest you do the same and gain some weight and train heavy, good luck!


Welcome to Moe's!


WRT to the black bean thing, it may be that they aren't soaking them and dumping the water. I'm Cuban, and black beans really are a staple. When the time came for me to cook for myself, I didn't know I had to soak them, and my ass got rabies every time I ate them. Soak your beans, save your ass.


You got it!


Yes, they are good to eat, but deadly, I guess if you don't prepare them right.

I am of Mexican American descent and I have an aunt (Tia) who says you can degass beans by soaking them a certain way. Is this what you speak of?


Yup soak the beans and add a little vinegar. I hear garlic helps a bit as well. Cant hurt as I love garlic.

Other than that relish in the quakes those beans make.