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Man, that article really got me!

Okay I admit it, I’ve been really screwing up my diet thinking I was eating healthy. The “Foods that Make You Look Good Nekid” article really opened my eyes. Thanks for the much needed slap in the face, TC and Chris! headed to the kitchen to toss the stawberry cream oatmeal and Special K

I just want to chime in and say that I don’t know why Special K gets such a bad rap…glycemic index is 54 (compared to 49 for oatmeal)…a fair bit of protein (25% by calories) and a good whack of calcium…plus it tastes damn good

Isn’t a lot of the protein in Special K soy? And I remember reading that it only has a few grams more protein than the average kid’s cereal despite their ‘keep the muscle, lose the fat’ ads. Also, isn’t try that the protein found in grains isn’t used very well by the body?

dngu 47, forget the glycemic index. In this case, it’s the insulin index you should be paying attention to. I did some simple blood tests on Special K using a glucometer, and out of everything I tried, Special K sent my blood sugar the furthest out in orbit. Nasty stuff.