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Man Sues God


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Just goes to show you that if you have the money to pay the filing fee, anyone can clog the courts with anything they want to.

If this isn't a screaming endorsement for tort reform - I don't know what is.

No offense BB.


For once, I agree Rainjack, this, along with things like old ladies suing doctors because the EKG stole her soul, need to be weeded out of our court system. It's ridiculous.

Does anyone else wonder how guys like this, sueing God, comparing Congress to Star Trek, showing a picture of a fetus drawn by a child shown in Congress, ect, get reelected? Or even elected in the first place?


Agree with RainJack, what a stupid fucking waste of time, I should sue him for being a assclown. Maybe he can go after the tooth fairy next (everyone knows shes a bitch), and then good ole Santy Claus cuz that SOB never brought me the fucking G.I. Joe General Commander Vehicle.


I saw the piece on Fox News.

If I understood it right, the congressman filed the suit to make a point about how easy it has become to file a stupid lawsuit.

He may or may not be a douche - but he certainly got his point across.


I was thinking that might have been the case...


Tort reform would line the pockets of insurance companies unless the bill made them lower rates.

Our premiums increase when their investments do not increase enough.

The insurance industry analysts laugh all the time when they discuss tort reform.


I don't think suing God has anything to do with insurance companies.

Frivolous lawsuits such as this one need to be outlawed. As do others that are filed for no justifiable reason.

You go from point A to point F and skip all those in between. One step at a time.


Yes, I have heard it thru the grapevine that He and His son have had a falling out lately over this scandal.

I wonder if the Trilateral Teleologist Coalition is going to take up a collection for His defense. The evidence against Him is overwhelming.


It was reported today that God did respond, but I did not catch what it was he said.


Somewhere in there there is a joke including God, insurance companies and "force majeure" clauses...




Fuck the insurance companies. They will be first against the wall when the revolution comes.


No, they have insurance for that... it'll be the lawyers because nobody will be listening to their arguments anymore.