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Man Says He'll Kill Son's Murderer


Good for this guy.


This is the full story of what happened to his son. It's one of the most horrific things I've ever read. Pure evil. This is why they need the death penalty.



Pretty horrific story, I saw it on the local news this morning. I can't believe they let people like this guy out. He should have been fried years ago.


I agree with Mr. Foreman. I would kill that bastard, as well.


Man, that was a tough fucking read.

Woodmansee should be killed....by getting stabbed in the chest.

It's ridiculous that our legal system allows someone to get out of prison after 28 years for KILLING someone. It's not like that person is coming back to life after 28 years. They're gone forever. A god damn 5 year old.

Death penalty for sure.


I'm fucked.


Yes death penalty. By the method my daddy always said. You take this piece of trash, nail his balls to a tree stump, give him a rusty razor and set the stump on fire. The put one in his head you know be humane.


yeah its total bullshit. That guy should have gotten the death penalty or been killed in prison.


Ahhh you hillbillies... I gotta agree with you there though bud.


Defianetly the death penalty, this is fucked up. If i was his dad i would kill that mutha fucker as well.


Out of curiosity, with the father uttering threats like this what are the police capable of doing to prevent him from getting his revenge? Even though in their minds they would probably fully support it, by plotting to murder Woodmansee, he is breaking the law.

Oh and yeah, this "thing" should have been treated to the most inhumane form of punishment possible for what he did.


Having a son myself, I can only imagine the torment that dad went through every time he thought about how his little boy was lured and killed by that scumbag.

Damn right I'd want to kill the motherfucker.


Hope justice is served in this world or the next.

Damn. Murdered callously at 5 years old? Kid never had a chance + a destroyed innocent family suffers for a lifetime.

I'm rooting for the father.


As a father of 5 this would be a moral dilemma, do you sacrifice your self actually killing this piece of shit. Thus sacrificing your other children? I know in this situation my kids would be adults etc. Would be very difficult.


I wouldn't be surprised if at least one cop on that force would turn a blind eye if the father did kill the scumbag.

But, as I expect cops to abide by law, I then expect that they will not allow it.


Reminds me of that story where a guys son was molested. Dad camped out at the airport and shot the guy dead right in front police and cameras and everything. He was acquitted of all charges by a jury.

I hope he does it, and I hope the same thing happens.


Reminds me of John Grisham's "A Time to Kill", in which the father of a raped daughter kills both rapists at their trial, then follows the ensuing legal battle. Really good book.

The dude could probably get a patrol car outside his house if he wanted, but being what he is, he probably will try to avoid the police completely.

I hope the father does kill him. I definitely would try if that happened to my family.


Murderers and abusers of children should suffer the same fate as their victims.

Right after they get ass raped by the business end of wood-slivered baseball bat.


Well stated. It just goes to show how painful something like this is and that even after 28 years the father is still in deep agony. It's against the natural order of things. Kids aren't supposed to die before the parents.

I don't know WTF is up with the 'justice' system. Remember that SOB that abducted a girl from a sleepover, raped and killed her, and the judge allowed him to address the court giving him an opportunity to say something like, "she told me just don't do me like my daddy does?"

If I were the father I would be silent on the topic and arrange things rather than being so vocal. A piece of human refuse like that isn't worth prison and there would be plenty of people much more skilled at eliminating people like this.

Revenge is a dish best served cold and there's no murder if nobody ever finds the body.


Link? This seems implausible.


I agree.

But there is a code there for me. I don't have kids, but if I was ever in that spot, I would expect my children to understand that I did what needed to be done.