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Man Returns $45,000 Found in New House



So a guy buys a house from the son of a guy who did while living in it. The guy who died had saved $45,000 in ammo boxes in the attic, supposedly to give to his kids.

The guy who bought the house found it and gave it back.

What would you have done?


Given it back, every penny of the $25,000. :wink:

Seriously though, I would give it back. Just because you found it does not make it yours. I am not a huge believer in the whole karma thing, but I wouldn't feel right about stealing like that.


Give it back.


Another good question would probably be, "what would you have done if you were the guy who had all that money returned to you?"

If I was the guy who found the money, I probably would have given it back.
If I was the guy who go the money back, I would give the guy who returned it some of it.


Legally, would it not be the new homeowners property once he had bought the house and it's still there?


Yeah, I think so.

I'd probably give it back too.


I'd prolly keep it


It just depends on were I am financially and if I had my eye on a Jetski or something of the sort.


Depends on if the property in question is ruled lost, mislaid, or abandoned.

Lost - original owner unintentionally parted ways with the proeprty - finder has superior title to everybody BUT the true owner

Mislaid - original owner voluntarily and knowingly places the property somewhere, but unintentionally loses it - the owner of the house/land/whatever upon which mislaid property is found has superior title to everybody BUT the true owner

Abandoned - original owner has voluntarily parted with the property - finder has superior title


I'm keeping it... actually I'm spending it :slight_smile:

If i just bought the house and I find it up there its mine.


How could you spend that money in good conscience? The dude had been saving it for his kids for 30 or 40 years. I'm not a paragon of morality or anything, but I'd return it.


If I bought a house believing that the AC and heater work and had been maintained and they weren't...is that my problem or the previous owners? Most places the previous owner as he sold it and I bought with the expectation that the AC and heater were working.

Did I buy this house with the expectation of 45k in the attic? No then I don't see it as mine.


Legally I do believe it becomes the property of the new owner. (I am not a lawyer though, so don't take legal advice from me.)

But morally, that money was meant for something and somebody else, so I would give it back. I just imagine that guy spending his life saving up that money for his family, only to have it accidentally lost. I wouldn't feel right taking something somebody spent a life building.


I would give it back no matter how bad I needed it. Obviously I don't think the owner would need the money that bad if they just had bought a house.


"I tell you what I'd do man...two chick at the same time"


I'd give it back. Of course.


I hope it sticks in their sons' minds that mom & dad made a hard decision but stuck to their morals.

Sometimes the right decision is the hardest one to make.


Think of it this way it would bother you at first eventually you'll forget so all good.


Article somewhat related:


No will?

The son was never told about the money, even when his son had become an adult?

I'm on the fence about this, to be honest.