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Man Punches Kid With Down Syndrome



I wonder if he still ordered his food?



in before this turns into a Waylander vs DarkNinja thread...


Damn, Clip can't take a punch.



IDGAF what anyone says, if a motherfucker can't recognize a motherfucker with DOWN SYNDROME, then they are clearly in the wrong - for being so ignorant at life alone.

It's that simple.




Down's or not, if some dude kicks my 4 year old son, he's going down. And I'll do whatever it takes so he's no longer a threat to my kid.


SSC just say NO to trolls, do NOT fall into this trap.


thats cool.


This is true. I know it's a Clip thread, so I should know better.



Friends dont let Friends drive in a Troll thread.


oooh did i miss something? link please??




While I don't disagree with the sentiment I somehow think a solid push of the fellow with down's syndrome would result in the same level of safety for your child as pummeling him to a bloody pulp.

I'm all for protecting your kids but some people on here are seriously quick to over react.



What will a solid push accomplish? As a dad, I need to make sure this idiot is no longer a threat to me or my child while I attend to mhim to make sure he's ok. That means putting the guy down and making sure he's not getting up until I can move my son to somewhere safe.


As a dad, I can relate to the child-protecting sentiment.
But c'mon! He's basically a child himself. If you saw a small boy attacking your child, would you punch him?


A small boy isn't capable of doing to the same level of damage with a kick that a full grown male can.

I'm not saying it was right, but your comparison is poor.

I think it's an all around shitty situation for everyone involved.

I don't know what the absolute right thing to do is, but I can't condemn the guy for reacting like he did.


Aww :frowning:

The boy with the Downs actually acted like any kid would if seeing another child mocking about in his territory. Well that's how I interpreted this. Kids sometimes behave that way. It's just child play.

The father's punch was just too brutal. I really cringed watching that. Poor guy.