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Man Pays 20yrs of Gym Fees for 3mo Membership


Ok, thought I found this an interesting/sad read.


Check your bills people, think of all the supps. he could have bought with the money... OR tricked out a badass home gym...


He still can. Premier Fitness refunded everything. All $7000+.


It's his fault.

The guy is still taking a huge loss on forgone interest that he would've earned over that 20 year period. That's quite a large chunk of money lost.


This is why I'm a member of Goodlife Fitness :stuck_out_tongue:


Luckily I'm too frugal to not notice $35 walking out my bank account every month.

How can you NOT check your bank statements frequently? My bank is practically my homepage.


Now he can afford a month supply of I3G.