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Man, Not Having a Workout Partner Sucks!


I hate this crap!

I love my workout, and I love the progress that make with my poundages and so forth, but as you all know, having a workout partner is INFINITELY better than working out alone.

Oh well. Just wanted to vent.

Thanks for listening.


yeah, it sure sucks. i wish I had a playmate too. the only upside for me is learning to push myself, which sadly, I still don't do as well as if I had a playmate.


Yea, you pretty much HAVE to learn to push yourself. No one else is there to do it for you. With my workout, which requires that every set be to total failure, I just KNOW that if I had a workout partner I'd make gains even faster, cause I'd be able to grind out that one extra rep with someone yelling me on. But what can you do?