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Man Marries a Video Game Character


Just. Fuck.


Face-Palm approved!


Nice avatar.

This whole world is stupid.


No, its usually just the Japanese that does these kinds of stuff.

Someone is going to steal his DS and have sex with his wife.


I call dibs on Chun-Li



I choose....jesus, she was my top pick. Damnit, Rivalry.


The problem with most video game characters is they could kick your ass, I don't want a wife that shoots energy balls when shes pissed. How the hell do you consumate that marriage?


With AWESOME!!!!!


Good for him, mineswell stop that blood line there.

And WB, Fuck yes sir, Razor Ramon FTW


And a gun. And a backhand.


I should turn every thread into a Razor Ramon thread.

"Hey Yo, Chico"


You'd consumate it with a devastating 7-hit combo. After that, any time you get any lip or attitude a simple tap of the "jab" button would solve things rather quickly.


at least it was a chic. and who says she even wanted to marry him.


Amen! What better way to end a dispute than to toss a toothpick?!


Now I have to get a bunch of Razor Ramon avatars.


Lol Wol, So seeing your avatar made me want to give the Bad guy a bit of a look up. Youtube, Scott Hall Last call. Haha awesome


Awesome, now you can marry gays and video game characters....but can you marry gay video game characters?


The best part is this dip shit will never reproduce.

X2 on Wol's avitar being awesome!


I guess its just so he has an excuse to not get any..


i call sonya blade from MK vs DC