Man Loses 4.2lbs In 7 Days Eating Nothing But Costco Hot Dogs

The weight loss documentation happens at 11:45 in the video, but the whole thing is worth watching.

This dude had three Costco Hot Dog meals a day: a breakfast, lunch and dinner. He did not restrict himself to a single hot dog per meal, and had many meals of 2 hot dogs. He was also drinking full sugar soda along the way.

He also walked 10 miles a day and stayed hydrated.

Jared Fogel got famous for losing weight by walking a lot and eating a loaf of bread a day along with some deli meat and veggies: I think this is FAR more amazing. Let’s make THIS the new diet.

But seriously, I think this DOES speak to how much we over complicate weight loss. This person wasn’t even set out to do that, but look at what happens when you impose some restrictions on how/what you eat. Think of what he WASN’T eating by ONLY eating a hot dog.

EDIT: @QuadQueen I’m going to link you in on this because I imagine this is like watching a horror movie for you. It’s scary, but you’re just compelled to keep watching, haha.


Was the diarrhea a factor?

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He explains in the video! But ultimately no.

I think the relevant point is he walked 10 miles a day.

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Yup. Craziest thing: engaging in basic daily physical activity and sticking with the diet will get results. Let’s sell this!


This just goes to show that if weight loss is the only goal - calories in/calories out is the biggest factor at the end of the day. Several years ago there was a college professor who lost a bunch of weight eating only McDonalds food. He did it to counterpoint the “Super Size Me” documentary.
You can lose weight eating anything and everything as long as you eat less than you burn. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’d be shocked at the number of clients I’ve taken on who couldn’t figure out why they were gaining weight eating a keto diet. Um, those two cups of 400 calorie each “Bulletproof” coffee definitely aren’t helping your situation. And no one needs to be eating anything referred to as a “fat bomb”. Just SO much stupidity, but clearly it’s way too tough to just not eat like an @sshole and move a little bit…


I gained a bunch of weight eating healthy!

First I thought my life was over because I had to cut sodium. Cuz “its in everything!”.

Then I figured it out pretty good.

THEN I went bonkers and ate tons of good, fresh, low sodium, whole foods.


Yup! David Goggins put it best: the secret it to “stop eating so much f**king food”. I see it all the time in the Carnivore spheres. “I’ve been eating strict carnivore for weeks and I’ve GAINED weight!” And then you find out that they’re mainlining butter, cheese and bacon and don’t actually eat any sort of non-processed meat. Or they take “eat until full” to mean “Eat like each meal is your last meal on death row”.

“Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die”…t. Haha. No matter what strategy you employ, affecting physical change is gong to involve SOME sort of discomfort, and typically in the form of feeling some sort of hunger at some point.

But if nothing else, I dig how the 3 hot dog meal a day diet meant no snacking! Haha.


Youth is wasted on the young.


My only regret regarding fast food when I was young is that I didn’t eat MORE of it.


“just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”

Just like he says in the video!

Moderation in moderation.

I am upset that the dude only talked about ketchup, mustard and relish, and didn’t bother to partake in the onions. And now I also can’t remember if Costco does sauerkraut or if that was Sam’s club.

But also also: let’s see this again but with $5 rotisserie chickens.


sam’s club

basically carnivore then :sweat_smile:

Oh man, the “carnivore community” is all up in arms over the dextrose in the seasoning/injected into the chicken, haha.

I’ll never forget the look on my wifes face the first time she saw me completely clean one of those in a few minutes, in the car on the way home from work building her dads machine shop.

It was like puzzled amazement with a hint of disgust. She said “I thougt we were going to split that!” And I go “Nope. Thats why I got 2!” and showed her the other one for when we got home. :rofl:


I know that exact look!: my wife gave it to me last week when I polished off 3 Wagyu beef ribs in 15 minutes since my lunch was cut short.

A before/after of the carnage.

She DID say “we need to get you into a rib eating competition”, which is one of the highest forms of praise you can get from a spouse, haha.

But come on: those chickens are definitely single serving!


I consider that incontrovertible.

This. It’s surprisingly easy if you go fast. No forks needed.

I remember stories about Arnold eating two roast chickens and a pitcher of beer pwo, but that was back in his troll days.

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