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Man Kills Teen Who Knocked Him Off Bike



This is why I want to shoot more...

If it happened to me it would be 3 dead, no wounded.


I'm assuming the 65 yr old man resembled this:


This is the way the law should be ..someone fucks with you ... you take them out

Kids would be more respectful that is for sure.


one of the comments after the article was "an armed society is a polite society..."

I'm sure there will be people with a different persepctive and counter-points, but for the most part I agree with that


Yeah, but there's always the "When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail" view.



So being armed takes away other options?


I'm pretty sure he was busting my chops AND proving my point at the same time :slight_smile:




Polo knows me so well after all these years... and all the intimate times we spent together in the wilderness.


That's why people are so polite in the South and Texas!





sounds like self defence


No, no! Polo was consenting to my advances.


Apparently the old man isn't Dijon he would have kneecapped all three of the little fuckers.


It's just not the same since you cut your hair though, I can't fool myself into thinking you're a woman ...


I think he looked more like this guy...


Kneecapped them while riding his bicycle with no hands, maintaining perfect control.

I'm waiting to see the video so I can breakdown how threatening the 16 year old kids positioning, footwork, and arm swings really appeared to be. If that man didn't wait until .03 seconds before impact of deadly weapon to face then this is inexcusable!!



It should be noted before some bleeding heart goes off from just reading the title that the kids knocked him off the bike then tried to rob him. SO I am perfectly OK if not more than OK with them all getting shot.

I'm the kind of angry SOB that would prefer he'd missed and only shot them all in the spine so they were all paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of their days. I would prefer they were 18 or over for this, but still, 16 is just old enough.