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Man Kills Bear w/ Arrow to Save Son

[quote]sen say wrote:
I didn’t read the article…why did the bear have an arrow?[/quote]

That’s something Groucho Marx woulda said…

Tell me something more masculine that doesn’t involve a horned helmet, a sword or whiskey.

I agree with push, a bear can take a gun shot to the head and the bullet just ricochets off leaving gouges in the skull but not penetrating. This hunter either has incredible skill or incredible luck.

[quote]pushharder wrote:
Petermus wrote:
I hate when an author ruins an account of a real event by instead telling a big fish story. The son was attacked by a grizzly bear and would likely have been killed, the father had the sense of mind to use the weapon at hand and help his son and then tried to put himself in the middle… thats heroic.The father making the shot wasnt a one in a million shot…any hunter using a compound bow can expect a 30-40 yard shot when hunting elk. Thats just one example of the cheesy aspect of the story…i blame the author. The father is absolutely a hero.

Nope. A perfect heart shot on a moving bear of that size is phenomenal.

I used to run a sporting goods store in Wasilla, Alaska. I’ve heard a lot of stories about multiple high powered rifle shots at grizzly bears that failed their objective.

This story deserves our admiration for the incredible marksmanship. Or the sheer luck.

A 30 - 40 yard shot hunting elk can definitely be expected but if the target is moving (or thrashing around as in this case) the difficulty of an instantly mortal shot to the vitals is extraordinary.[/quote]

In the words of Arthur Fonzarelli, Exactamundo!

When calling in elk or hunting any animal with a bow you are waiting until the animal stops offering a broadside shot into the vitals. With elk the hunter is camouflaged and hiding usually, as with the father and son in this case, another is calling behind you. That gives the shooter the opportunity to wait until the most advantageous shot is presented. And, most wait until the animal is within twenty yards or less with a bow.

To make a shot at a Grizzly, which is a big thick skinned animal that many center fire rifle calibers have a hard time penetrating, charging with a bow and make a one shot fatal hit is truly extraordinary and not a ‘big fish’ story at all.


[quote]duffyj2 wrote:
This isn’t heroism. This is ecological deviancy. The bear would never have attacked if the hunters were there in peace.[/quote]