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Man Jacks Off In Starbucks


Man vows to masturbate in every Starbucks toilet in New York
October 28, 2011

WHEN New Yorkers are buying their coffee from Starbucks, it's unlikely they're thinking: Just how erotic are the toilets?
One man is and he has made it his mission to visit, defile and rate every Starbucks bathroom in New York City. That's 298 in total.
The New Yorker, who calls himself Mister PeePee, been tweeting his progress since he started in December last year:
"Today's Starbucks visit is rated as a 4 Boner. Spacious, clean, excellent coffee, strong wifi, no interruptions & 1 hot chick."
In a podcast that's since been removed, he explained that bathrooms lose points if they are unclean or if a person knocks on the door and interrupts him.
His mission isn't endearing him to Starbucks employees, especially those who have to clean the toilets.
One wrote on Starbucks Gossip: "Glorious. For everyone 1 of him who decides to mention it, think of how many don't.
"We have one regular who comes in for about an hour a day and stares, yes, stares, and studies, the baristas working."


That man is winning


I Love NY!

HA, until Someone is caught in full Mickey Mouse Rape.


WTF hahhaha


Is the jizz gonna make the coffee not taste like burnt tires?

I'm just sayin...









Where's "there"?

What's "such"?


This is a stand for men who like to jack off in public bathrooms everywhere.


I wonder if he's ejaculating into the urinals?



I just got that!


I guess that means the handwash dispenser is off-limits for the forseeable future.


I just heard they're re-naming the Frapuccino in his honor.





eeeeewwwww, gross.


Tee Hee


you have to give him points for being efficient........he is after all steaming his own milk! LOL...

Also gives a whole new meaning to "a double shot of expresso" rim shot!


No, what's gross is that most of the guys in this thread had probably at least thought about doing this long before they heard of this story...place non importante.


Damn I was going to do this...Dick stole my idea.