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Man I Love Hockey

I hope the NHL never changes. I love this game.

The Canada v Russia one was fucking crazy. Those were some crazy times with the cold war going on, it was like war on the ice when the two countries played.

There wasn’t enough Georges Laraque in there. The Oilers have had some of the baddest motherfuckers in the NHL with Semenko, McSorely and Laraque. Laraque is one player that will NEVER be booed in Edmonton – all around class guy and really big in the community as well. It was really sad to see him go.

I guess that the NHL forgot that fans like fighting during the lockout.

Leave it to gary bettman to turn this into basketball. More scoring, more of a possession game, no figting. Does the NBA have a salary cap?


[quote]Tithonus81 wrote:
Man I Love Hockey[/quote]

I also am this way. I wish games were 6 periods. The “new” NHL isn’t as bad as I thought it would end up, but there are many things about it I lament. The near death of enforcer based self policing is definitely one of them.

The ultimate enforcer who actually scored 2 goals against Phoenix opening game of the playoffs in 98 when I was there. A rare feat for him.


all time favorite enforcer is t.domie his left hook is almost as good as tysons

That isn’t hockey!