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Man I F#@$n Love Pull-Ups!


I remember a few years ago when I incorporated them into my training I could do maybe 4 reps (bodyweight) @ best! Now I can crank out 9 easy! 10-12 possibly. it definetely helps having your own squat rack @ home and whenever you feel like gettn a quick pump just jump up grab the pullup bar & go to town! My bar isn't completely straight though. It straight in the middle but then has a few bends in it like a lat bar. So when I do my pullups I use an overhead(prone) wide grip.

I also like doing thumb - thumb (touching) prone grip pullups. These realy works your brachialis! And to fox it up ill throw a close grip neutral row attachment over the bar and do them. Ill even put the rope attachment over and do pullups with the rope! Man these are fun! Hopefully 1 day I can get to 20 bodyweight prone wide grip pullups!


Have they made your lats bigger?


10 pullups? oh my, what a beast


Cool story bro.


Hey, he's proud of his pullups, and thought we'd care. I mean, he's wrong, but whatever. Good Job!




what's your weight OP?


I hope you gained some serious bodyweight that in "a few years" you only went from 4 to 10-12.


yeah this guy better be like 300lbs for me to give even a bird sized shit


idk, I just hit 10 strict pullups at 220 I'm pretty stoked about that. It's nothing crazy but it's decent progression. It's kind of like hitting 2 plates for ten reps benching, nothing crazy but still a milestone in someones training.




351 :slightly_smiling:


Sarcasm fail.


Of what?


Their alright. I like pulldowns more.


Haha i can only do 8 but i'm 264 pds, 6'4 and i'm desperate to hit 10-12 reps so congratulations.

Youtube style haha.


Pounds? If so, thats a pretty decent pull-up poundage lol.


im only 190 but ive never actually worked on inreasing my chin ups (palms away grip - a;; the way down/up).

for the last week ive incorporated 50 chins every other day no metter how mnay sets it takes me to hit the 50 mark.

before this week i could only get 8-9 max, i took 2 days off and came back to do 19??? wtf?? lol i may be light but my strength in ratio to my bodyweight is pretty weak for my liking.

im also 6"3

well done bro, at 351 thats intense :slight_smile:


Keep up the good work, stay persistent and eventually you'll get those 20 reps!


If you guys are so critical with this guys progress what do you deem a good pullup number? Better yet whats a good number in relation to weight, body composition and experience? Im not chirping but legitimately curious to see what people think and where I stand in relation.

I weigh about 195 and at bw i can usually get 15 or 16 my first set then like 12 - 14 then 12, 12, 10. I can typically hit 50 reps in 5 sets.