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Man, I am Falling Apart.


I have had a rash of injuries this year. Around nine months ago, I tore my ACL in my right knee. I am almost six months out of surgery and it's doing fine other than some tendinitis and generic soreness and swelling after activity.

I was getting pumped about returning to sports at six months. But then about a week ago, I wrenched my shoulder and now think I have a torn labrum. Of all the things to do to injure your shoulder, I hurt mine flipping a heavy, floppy king-size mattress. It is bothering the hell out of me, and I saw a doc and he said to rehab and rest it and see him again in 3-4 weeks. This was the last of my "good" joints since I've torn both ACLs (reconstruction on the other one in 2005) and have a torn labrum in my other shoulder (did this 10 years ago, no surgery and it's "fine" for the most part).

To top it off, I was squatting over the weekend and didn't feel it at the time, but now have some major pain at the base of my spine when I bend over and arch my back. I have had a sore lower back before, but this is different.

I think I'm due for a few days off. I have been hitting it really hard over the past two months for my knee rehab. Maybe that's what I need.


Hard times suck monkey balls!!
Good Luck moving forward.


i know the feeling man, I am 5 months post op and feel worse than a month ago. Take a week off and just relax it will put things into perspective


Thanks...glad I have a place to vent!