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Man Hits Woman, Gets KTFO By Roger Huerta


Got what he deserved imo. Discuss.



I pretty sure Huerta actually wanted to kill the guy.




Really wish we coulda seen the knockout. Either way that was badass.


Brutal, in an awesome way.




Next time i'll think twice before slugging a chick.


the chick in blue was smmmmmmmmmmmmmokin!


Awesome situation, shitty video.


Cool. Huerta did right. Wish I could have seen the fight.

It must have been over quick. They ususally are.


I loved how the guy was just running and yelling "Roger" just to stop him from almost committing manslaughter.


I really can't blame that guy for hitting the woman. I'm sure he was just taking the advice given to him in the SAMA forum.

If that didn't work he would have proceeded to put it in her butt.


Oh fuck have I missed you. ROFLMAO

anyways, that guy was DEFINATELY thinking he was going to rape roger, he had to have 50 lbs on him. Oops!



I heard Cecil Peoples scored it 29-28 for the other guy




Ya that stuck out most to me in the video, his friends knowing that this is one bad mother fucker who is about to throw down; it was like he was running to save someone's life. ROGER NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Was that slomo part a headstomp?



Damn, check out his Wiki page.

The part about getting adopted at 19 kind of got my eyes watery.



Well, that was over quickly. I'm guessing ol' baby huey wasn't expecting whatever he got when things went all blurry.