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Man Gets Knife Removed From Head







Maybe it's because I'm drunk, but that x-ray picture makes so sense to me... the story makes no sense.

He got stabbed under the jaw? So the blade when up through his mouth into his head?

The x-ray is showing the blade in line with his mouth, so it had to be back into his brain pretty far, right? Else it would be in his mouth. Wouldn't that have left a severe wound in his palate that required surgery? The surgeon never noticed a blade up there? How did a blade in that location not hit the thalamus and other things?

None of this makes sense to me. Somebody tell me what I'm not understanding.

EDIT: I just looked at the xray again, and even what I wrote doesn't make sense. I don't understand how the blade can be where it is if he was stabbed in the jaw.


It looks to me that he was stabbed where his jaw meets the neck. He may have even been stabbed near the corner of the jaw and the blade migrated a little bit. That would explain why it wasn't visible in his mouth. If you watch the video it shows a few more xray angles.