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Man Exits Bus Terminator Style

Sorry to any Brits that read this, but how intimidating can you be with a British accent? But at the end the guy’s a freakin badass.

I kept waiting for the guy you said to show up…thinking he must be the one arguing with Ellen Degeneres…then realized after 3 minutes that THAT was a guy.

After watching “Rise of the FootSoldier” and “Snatch” I realized that Brits can be hardasses too. But then watching the vid you just posted,it proved otherwise. Sorry Brits.

Does anyone know what that altercation was about? I’m quite interested.

That shit was stupid. When you scream like that and no one fears you, just shut the fuck up. That “guy” was half a mocha latte away from being a woman.

seriously, what was that fem-boy screaming about and why didn’t someone shut him up?

What a pussy, and a douche from what I can tell.

I couldn’t understand what that was about… and I live down the road from Peckham.

The people in the back are Nigerian, he’s lucky they seem to be passive otherwise he’d be dead. Peckham is like the ghetto of London - not the best place to get involved in a fight.

Ha ha, can’t believe this got posted here - was filmed by a friend of my Girlfriend. The guy is quite obviously gay ffs; we don’t speak like that. And I’m pretty sure it was a girl he was challenging to a fight there aswell.

the terminay-ah

The other unfortunate thing is that his incoherent pillow-biting screams will be very hard for someone to turn into a song thus giving us our internet viral meme next week.

Sounds like he was trying out for lower class twit of the year.

I kept waiting for a fight to happen. What a waste of time.

[quote]Professor X wrote:
That “guy” was half a mocha latte away from being a woman.[/quote]
Fucking this.

I read about this a few days ago, the guy didn’t pay his fare and went into bitchy mode.

And to show that not all British accents are the same, (not taking into account that the guy in that video was a lad humper) here’s a sketch comedy show from Scotland with a great character called The Big Man.

Some people become terminally stupid as soon as they realize they are being filmed.

I was hoping that the other passengers would just hand him his ass. Man his voice was annoying. Bus driver should have just thrown him off the bus DJ Jazzy Jeff style

Yeah why was the driver just chilling and letting this go down? Is that what they’re instructed to do in situations like this? Just let it play out?

Holy shit how could you put up with someone like that for that long.

LOL What a pathetic display.

Dude was obviously suffering from the condition known as teh ghey