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Man Doesn't Eat/Drink-10 Days



This is insane! Give the guy a steak or something!!!!


and by "something" you mean "six."



Looks like the diet of the average T-Nationer. :slight_smile: Oh, I kid.


Do you guys think he should bulk or cut?


He sounds a little queer. Nose rings, flowers in his hair and some kinda red skirt? All the world needs a gay Hindu hermit who can outlast a cockroach.


He needs to get on the V-diet like...now.

Also, I think 60min steady-state cardio ED to really bring in muscle tone.


ya know this guy would have claim to a pretty impressive feat if he didn't go off and flat out lie about not eating for a decade. It just shows that even the most devoted religious people can bend, stretch and break the truth to get others to believe whatever their doctrine tells them. I mean it?s just sad.


I think he's a fern... just give him some sunshine once in a while.


You should see how fat he was before he started

Bigger than an Indian Elephant


What those doctors need to realise about those guys is, they LIE all the time.

Then gullible peasants come and bring offerings of food and money.


Dude it has to be fasted for at least 12 hours before.


Nah, at least 10 days... looks like he's good to go.


Mineral water is a cheat meal


I would guess his body fat %, but he's not wearing any shoes. And, for the record, if anyone wants to learn how to get cut for summer, learn from this guy! He knows his T-Nation info!


I'm sure if you lived in a cave and went for a huge amount of time without food or water you would probably falter in you judgement of time. Me personally..I don't even know... :P?


I wonder if its because of his lack of movement he can keep going for so long. I mean imagine someone trying to survive several days without food or water. They'd be constantly moving or sweating or expending energy of some kind. I imagine from the picture that he isnt real active.

Even still, he lost some weight. Even if he could go 10 days without food or water, its impossible for the decades claim. He had to have eaten something.


For all we know his claim that he hasn't eaten anything is akin to when someone you know that can't lose weight claims that they hardly eat anything at all only to find that they had a bagel with cream cheese a soda and bag of M & M's before lunch. "But I hardly eat anything." Whatever...