Man Cooks Himself Alive with DNP

Gym-obsessed dad given hours to live after ‘cooking his insides’ with diet pills

A DAD who wanted a perfect ‘beach body’ was given hours to live after he overdosed on controversial diet pills - which “cooked” his body from the inside.

Lewis Brown, 25, started going to the gym to get fit but quickly became obsessed with working out and started taking steroids to gain a 15-and-a-half stone frame.

The lab worker - who went to the gym every day - then turned to controversial diet pills DNP this summer to help him lose extra fat so he could add more muscle.

But the father-of-one overdosed when he took eight of the ‘fat burners’ in a day and the poisonous chemicals increased his body temperature to almost 42 degrees.

I remember a girl died in the UK not that long ago from DNP, too.

I’d still run it if I had a source

[quote]Yogi wrote:
I remember a girl died in the UK not that long ago from DNP, too.

I’d still run it if I had a source[/quote]

With the profuse sweating can you really work a typical office job and run DNP?

What’s the reason for posting this?

The guy is a total moron. He took 3 pills and didn’t “feel anything” so he took FIVE more a few hours later. I’m not gonna say he deserved to die, but he’s lucky to be alive.

It’s crazy to me people take clen but think DNP is dangerous. DNP is much safer and far more effective. I’m on week 6 of 500mg/day and have lost 31 lbs. Gonna stay on another 2 weeks until I’m 8%.

Save on heating. Not hungry like normal dieting. Eat 2500 calories per day. Preserve way more muscle than normal. Strength slightly decreasing but much less than you’d expect from 30 lbs of fat loss. I’ve been cruising since the summer at 200mg/wk. Feel great.

As long as I don’t eat carbs or do anything physical I don’t sweat at 500mg/day of crystal. If you take 250mg/day that’s still a 24% increase in metabolic rate, and you won’t even notice any sides. You could do this year round as many tens of thousands of people have.

I never have taken more than 500mg/day, but I wouldn’t take that much outside the winter and after a meal or exercise I get hot enough that I don’t care to find out what it would be like to take more.

[quote]joyfull wrote:
What’s the reason for posting this?

Early entry for this year’s Darwin Awards?

Its a tool, and like pretty much any tool you can kill people with it. Hammer, power drill, gun, the internet …

Tools ain’t bad, the tools that use them are. (Except guns, they only built to kill).

I wish they’d stop banning things that aren’t purposefully designed to kill because of stupid people.

[quote]therajraj wrote:

[quote]Yogi wrote:
I remember a girl died in the UK not that long ago from DNP, too.

I’d still run it if I had a source[/quote]

With the profuse sweating can you really work a typical office job and run DNP?[/quote]

I wouldn’t know, mate. Have you run it? How bad were the sweats?

Reason for posting: shits and giggles

Have I used DNP? Nope it’s why I asked about other users experiences

I just finished a 4 week of DNP at 250 mg crystal per day, plus 75 T3. Lost around 10 kg (22 lbs) of fat. I am actually quite happy with it. It broke a plateau I was in. You should know that I have quite a lot of fat to lose, I have never trained for aesthetics, but rather power and strength.
Side effects were very manageable. In the first few days the sweating was noticeable, especially in the morning after sleep. A week later it started to subdue and when I switched to keto diet, it completely disappeared.
The toughest side for me was the loss of strength; I got back years in my lifts and was managing only few reps. I didn’t use any aas as I am quite fat for it (probably too fat for DNP/T3 as well, but I got in my explorer mode).
I should note that during the cycle one should completely forget about weighting. I got bloated with water. It is quite possible to be a result of my high body fat percentage, but there was days that I actually showed gained weight on the scale. Now, few days after the end of the cycle I can measure the real results - around 10 kg.
I think that is all fat/glycogen as my strength is back to its before level, even a bit more.It helped me with diet as well. I had cleaned it before the start (keeping carbs below 100) and during and now post cycle I am keeping them to less than 50, some days even lower. I think DNP helped with that switch as keeping the carbs low, helped me with the sweating.

I used T3 and on some days ECA, mainly for keeping my energy at a good level.

This been said, I don’t advertise, in any way, the use of DNP. I think it is an individual choice that people should think over and over and over again, before committing. The line between fat loss and complication, in some cases dead, is thin with DNP.

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