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Man Boob...Why?


Background: Just turned 20, and up till sophmore year of high school I was pretty chubby. I lost all the weight, down to 135. I have been this weight to this day. Few months ago I was trying to cut because I look skinny when I have a shirt on but under is a layer of fat. The worst part was that my man boobs point out of my t-shirts. When I was trying to loose fat few months ago I was to the point were I could still see abs but still had a good chunk of fat on my belly, hips, especially my chest.

Since joining this site, I learned that I need to gain weight so I am trying to clean bulk. I posted some pictures because I am hopign someone can enlighten me about anything. I have done all the research about gyno or maybe just high body percentage fat. Do you think i had it because I was too under weight? And when I lost all my initial fat it just never went away. I honestly have no idea. I would like to think I do have some muscle mass. Just some type of advice, because it honestly bothers me a lot.

Flexing: http://i347.photobucket.com/albums/p449/arisburger/Photoon2011-05-14at2227.jpg
Size of Chest: http://i347.photobucket.com/albums/p449/arisburger/Photoon2011-05-14at22272.jpg

I am following Stronglifts 5x5.
My Diet: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/diet_performance_nutrition_supplements/hardest_thing_i_have_evvveerrr_done


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I have the exact same thing. I used to be chubby, dieted down, and then had lingering fat both on my chest around the nips and at the bottom of my belly. I figured they were just stubborn areas and that I didn't diet quite enough to get 'em. I'll be on it hardcore next time I cut. (I thought gyno was specifically puffy nipples, not overall fat around the chest? But I'm not sure.)




You need surgery for that bro, sorry, but thats the fact of the matter.

Reducing body fat will 'minimize' the size of the lump, but not much seeing as you're already pretty lean.

Good luck, the sooner you get it sorted out the better-if I were you I'd just get it over with.



Gaining some size on his chest will cause it to not even stand out much. It is all he is noticing because he is built like a twig kept out of sunlight.


this is terrible news for me. Now I have to find a doctor along with one that will file it under insurance. No way parents can or will pay for this.


That is gyno, fact. The only way to rid yourself of the fucking diabolical stuff it is surgery, fact.

It is true that adding size on the chest, especially the upper chest will dramatically improve the way his chest appears, this of course will take time. Any increase in body fat will also cause the size of the gyno to increase. The Individuals tolerance for this obviously varies, some people feel more comfortable than others.

OP, if surgery isn't an option for you then building muscle and growing those chest muscles whilst keeping body fat levels under control is the next best thing. Remember flaxseed and Zinc help control estrogen levels naturally.

Good luck bro...


Im going to call some places get prices and see if they would file it under "mass removal" so insurance covers it. I in northern jersey


Like I said...DRAMA.

More than 60% of the men in America have some form of gyno. I even posted the stats and the link to it on several occasions. That means YOU probably have some form of gyno even if it isn't severe enough to ever need surgery.

The last thing you need to be doing is telling everyone that surgery is a necessity especially when they are in the physical condition of the op in this thread.

Yes, if things were as black and white as you seem to see them as, then he would NEED surgery.


in your opinion should i just keep on bulking? Just them popping through my clothes really bothers me, i cant even think the last time i went to the beach. Obviously I am not going to get it done if I have to pay out of my pocket, any advice is appreciated.



I agree with the Doc on this.

You were once fat, and now as a thin dude you seem to be a bit hypersensitive about every detail of your appearance (an improvement from your previous self-image), but it seems to be short circuiting your focus.

Yes, keep building muscle. Your nip condition could very well diminish on its own (my son's did), and if not, it's not as bad as you perceive it to be. When you add 20+ lbs of muscle mass to your frame and your pecs are larger, your nips will seem like nothing.


Did you even read the thread that was linked earlier? This has been discussed in detail.

Chances are, insurance will not cover this at all. I had surgery done about 2 years ago or so. My case was much worse than your own. You have no clue what you will look like with more muscle on you and no one else here can predict it.

The only thing sticking out on you is your nipples because you have zero size anywhere else.

I have seen guys with way worse situations than this competing in the NPC.

They seem to be doing fine.

Even Ben White had a severe case of it worse than your own throughout most of his earlier career and didn't have it removed until much later.

Bottom line, you are speaking to a medical professional who has had the surgery done and has researched this more than you have.

You would think that would mean something.

You may not need surgery at all and worrying about that before you ever actually build a chest is really fucking backwards.

No one said anything about "bulking" and chances are, your perception of what that even means is fucked.


Dude, it doesn't really matter what anyone thinks you should do. At the end of the day you need to do what makes you feel good and comfortable. Don't just "bulk" because professor X tells you to bulk. If you gain more body fat it's going to look worse, that's common sense. You either keep bulking knowing is not going to get better until you eventually cut down to a lower body fat or you can just get surgery and get rid of this little issue now.


In know I would love to see the development of all of the experts in this thread.


What I meant about my insurance is I read on the boards that was linked that some doctors posted it under "mass removal" which their insurance covered.

As far as the bulking thing, since I have joined this site I learned that I need to gain weight and muscle. By Bulking i mean gaining weight in order to gain muscle. Taking everyone advice in, I will try to continue to build muscle, and hopefully it will make it look not as bad.


Once again, this thread:

Was created for a reason.


If they can send it in as a cancer risk, that is what can allow them to place it as "mass removal". The guy in the link I posted in that vid had it removed because he had cancer running in his immediate family (BREAST cancer).

Unless you have the same situation going on, don't count on it. However, there is nothing wrong with trying.


Heres the unbiased deal.

You almost certainly have gyno.

Both prof x and budda are right.

The fact is that gyno will not go away without surgery. Some people attempt hormonal manipulation but it rarely works.

While you can not get rid of gyno without surgery there is the possibility of making it less noticeable via muscle growth.

If you have gyno, your nipple will never be flat. It may get LESS pointy, but it will still be pointy.

So while you figure out what to do about the surgery you should be aiming to grow muscle and probably attempt to lower your estrogen levels via diet and supplements like Resveratrol. I would also go to the doctor and ask to have your hormone levels tested. Research this further in the TRT forum, a lot of that info on 'ideal hormone ranges' applies to all men, not just those looking to begin TRT.

Do not use drugs without professional guidance


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