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Man Beds His Own Daughter


A popular Columbia professor was charged Thursday with incest - accused of a sick sex relationship with a female relative, prosecutors said.

Political science Prof. David Epstein, 46, bedded the young woman over a three-year period ending last year, according to court papers.

He was arraigned before a Manhattan judge on a single felony incest count.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2010/12/09/2010-12-09_columbia_professor_is_charged_with_incest_accused_of_bedding_young_relative_for_.html#ixzz19AL7ZxpD

A Columbia University political science professor that blogs at the Huffington Post was charged Thursday with having a sexual relationship with his 24 year old daughter.

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2010/12/10/huffington-post-blogger-charged-incest#ixzz19ALEt4Xi


What is it about politics and sexual dysfunction?




I unno, just thought it was interesting that someone who pretends to be so morally sound and make fun of religious constantly gets nabbed for incest.


must have been a liberal


Jew alert.


Its true, after all it still was heterosexual sex.

If meth or calboys had been involved, probably born again Republican.


I'm confused how this is illegal?


Because he didnt do it in NewJersey, silly.




Incest is still illegal. Although I have no doubt that if homosexuals get marriage rights in the majority of states incestuous couples like this will be asking for the same right. And polygamists will also be demanding the right to marry. And why not? There will be no form of perversion that deserves denial.


Shut your heathen mouth, if it was right for Abraham, David and Solomon,it is right for everone else.

Though I tend to think Solomon overdid it a little.

Also, incest of that nature is not illegal in some US states.


yeah holy shit, I thought you were just making a joke about jersey being dirty in general. But I guess in this case it would be de facto legal.


Why is it that atheists just pick and choose things from the Bible? Oh yeah I forgot you're just speaking the usual party line of hate. Anyway, when Christ came into the picture that changed many things and this was one of them. Not that you care because you'll still pull this one out of your hate bag when see fit.


Oh, and theists don't pick and choose? Shit, you guys spawn "new" revisionist sects whenever it's convenient.


Consenting adults. We should be screaming for their right to marry.


Semper Fidelis - Stay Catholic.


Jesus has no line whatsoever on polygamy.

Just because early Christians picked up some pagan Roman customs does not mean that The Lord has changed His mind.


Is that what they teach you in high school junior?


The message has escaped you.